Superintendent Message - October 2018

Superintendent Dr. Jane Stavem

The leaves are turning and signs of fall are in the air. As someone who is new to Washington, I have been grateful to have such beautiful weather while exploring the great Pacific Northwest. I have also been exploring our district and LWSD communities, meeting many people along the way who support the work we do to educate our students and prepare them for their future opportunities.

We have many amazing things to celebrate in our district – high achievement, beautiful schools, specialized programs, and rich diversity. We also have areas that require ongoing attention and a strong focus to ensure continuous improvement. There are students who are not yet proficient in their ability to read. We have students who may not complete high school, and we have ongoing space needs due to inadequate facility capacity for a growing population.

How do we tackle those challenges and commit to a strong future for all students? We do it together – four learning communities – one school district – for all kids – #414. Lake Washington School District #414 is committed to making sure our students have the best opportunities to excel and succeed now and in the future.

Beginning next month and continuing through the school year, we will be engaging the community in a process to envision the future of our school district. We’ll be charting a new course for an updated strategic plan; updating our student profile that defines the knowledge, skills and attributes every student should have; and planning for the future of our district facilities.

We must make sure that the programs and facilities in LWSD equip all students to not just participate in the future but to invent the future.

We are a growing and thriving school district with the capacity to be the best school district in America for children to be in public education. We’re excited to define the future of education for our students and we need all of our communities as partners, so the vision becomes a reality: Every Student Future Ready – Prepared for College, Prepared for the Global Workplace, Prepared for Personal Success!


Dr. Jane Stavem