Superintendent Message - April 2019

Jane Stavem, LWSD Superintendent

As the days grow longer and warmer, the world around us is coming alive with blossoms and blooms – many that I have never seen before. The colors are amazing, and I have taken more than a few pictures as spring unfolds.

Spring is also unfolding in our schools with numerous activities and events. Students have been performing, presenting and competing in so many ways and it is really exciting to see their talents in action. As I attend many of our school district events for the first time, I continue to be inspired by the creativity and commitment that our students show in the activities and projects they pursue. 

I think we often listen to the current narrative about students who are apathetic about learning or don’t have ways to explore interests and opportunities. Or we hear that students don’t care about school and aren’t challenged to do their best. 

You don’t have to go very far in our schools to see that message isn’t entirely true. I see students who are constructing amazing machines to solve real problems. I see poised public speakers who can articulate and defend their position on a current topic of interest. I see musicians who are enjoying their chosen instrument or singing in a group, composing their own music and sharing it with the world. 

I also see students who love reading and are completely engrossed in a good book and can’t wait to find the next great read in their school library. I see students who are concerned about our resources and step up to lead others to make changes.

I see students learning and growing in ways that should cause us all to be very hopeful about the future of our world – a world our students will be leading and changing.

Our district is also going through the process of renewal as we continue to develop a revised strategic plan that guides our work moving forward. We continue looking for ways we can grow and improve. While many students are doing well, we know that some students also struggle with school – academically, socially and emotionally. 

Our responsibility is to all students – every student future ready. That means we need great places to learn, great people to teach and support students, and great communities as partners. 

We are grateful to our Lake Washington School District communities for supporting the continued needs of our district through the passage of our Capital Projects Levy. This measure allows our district to continue adding needed space through the addition of 44 classrooms and core spaces such as gymnasiums and cafeterias. As our enrollment continues to climb we will continue focusing on future solutions to accommodate student growth. 

The levy dollars also allow for the continued implementation of safety and security measures with the addition of external cameras at all elementary schools and the finalization of modified entrances at all high schools. These entrances change the flow of how people enter our schools, ensuring that visitors are welcomed first in the office, and are then allowed to proceed into the school. We want to continue balancing the need for schools to be open and welcoming as well as purposeful and secure as people come to our schools. 

Spring is a time of hope and our communities should be very hopeful about the future of our students and the shared purpose we all have in making sure every child is ready for a bright future.

Jane Stavem, Superintendent

Four Learning Communities………One District………For All Kids