Student Centered

    Student and staff member working together

    Core values of Lake Washington School District

    We believe that every student can learn and achieve at high levels. It is our responsibility to help students find connection and value in learning, and to challenge all students to learn, grow, and succeed academically.

    As a public school district, we are responsible for the futures of all students, no matter their background, home situation, or family resources. It is our responsibility to help every student learn, grow, and be challenged to do their very best each and every day in our schools.

    Being student centered means we are committed to success for every student. We focus our efforts on high achievement for all.

    Our Guiding Principles describe the student-centered learning environments we strive to provide in Lake Washington, organized around the themes of connection, value, and challenge:

    Guiding Principles

    We begin preparing students to reach our vision of Every Student Future Ready at the primary grades as they learn early literacy and math skills. At the intermediate grades, we are preparing students for success in middle school. In middle school, we prepare students for high school. In high school, we focus on preparing students for college, the global workplace, and personal success – our definition of Future Ready.