LWHS Dance Team

Dance teams from Eastlake High School (EHS), Lake Washington High School (LWHS) and Redmond High School (RHS) scored high marks at a December dance competition.



    Student Immunization and Life Threatening Health Conditions

    File: 3413

    The district requires all students to present evidence of having been immunized in accordance with state law. The district will exclude students of immunization. Should a parent/guardian wish to exercise a medical, personal, or religious exception, appropriate documentation must be provided to the district as referenced in JHCA/JHCB-R. 

    Physical Examinations  
    The District encourages families to access medical care for the prevention and treatment of illnesses which can prevent students from fully accessing educational opportunities. 

    1. Parents of preschool children shall be encouraged to arrange for medical and dental examinations of their child prior to kindergarten entrance. 

    Prior to entry in the sixth grade, ninth grade, or as a student new to the school district, it is recommended that all students arrange for a physical evaluation. 

    Vision and Hearing Screening 
    The district shall conduct vision and hearing screening for students in K-5 and 7 in accordance with state law. 



    RCW 28A.31.030 through 28A.31.142 
    WAC 180-38, generally 
    WAC 246-760 
    WAC 248-100-163 
    WAC 392-182, generally