Redmond, Wash. – The Lake Washington School District (LWSD) Board of Directors has selected Dr. Jon Holmen to be the next Lake Washington School District Superintendent. They announced their decision on Monday, March 23, 2020.

Redmond, Wash. – The Lake Washington School District has been following guidance from Public Health in an effort to stay open as long as possible. In light of the current information shared today by our elected officials, we believe it is time to plan for alternative ways to serve our community and families. 

In collaboration with our School Board of Directors and our Lake Washington Education Association, we have made the decision to close all schools from March 12 through March 27, and re-evaluate any further closures during that time. 

In light of today’s news about a King County resident’s death related to the Coronavirus (or COVID-19), and that additional cases are anticipated, we wanted to reach out to share what Lake Washington School District (LWSD) is doing to monitor and prepare for a potential increase in frequency of the Coronavirus in our schools.  

Lake Washington School District has finalized plans to make up for the days and time missed due to the January snow events. The 2019-20 calendar has been modified to reflect the changes.



    Procedure Student Immunization and Life Threatening Health Conditions

    File 3413P

    In order to safeguard the school community from the spread of certain communicable diseases and in recognition that prevention is a means of combating the spread of disease, the district requires a student to present evidence of having been immunized against the following diseases: diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), poliomyelitis, measles, rubella, mumps and tetanus. A student satisfies the measles requirement upon a physician's verification that the student has had measles (rubella). 

    Following proper notification, the school shall exclude the student for noncompliance with the immunization laws pursuant to the appeal process procedures for student expulsions. Parents shall have a right to a hearing provided they notify the school within 3 days after receiving the exclusion order from the school principal. If the parent requests a hearing, the parent or guardian and school principal shall be notified in writing of the time and place for the hearing and shall present the case to a hearing officer appointed by the superintendent. 

    Immediately upon enrollment in the district a certificate of immunization status, distributed by the Washington Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), shall be completed by the student's parent. The certificate shall be made a part of the student's permanent record. 

    If a student has not received any or all of the required immunizations, he/she shall submit evidence of the initiation of an immunization schedule and be placed in a "conditional admittance" category. He/she may remain in school for one school year provided that there is documentation that the immunization schedule is being maintained. Failure to maintain the schedule or submit documentation shall be sufficient cause to exclude the student from school. 

    Exemptions from one or more vaccines shall be granted for medical reason upon certification by a physician that there is a medical reason for not administering the vaccine. Exemptions for personal or religious reasons shall be granted upon request of the parent. The permanent file of students with exemptions shall be marked for easy identification should the department of health order that exempted students be excluded from school temporarily during an epidemic. 

    If proof of immunization or a certificate of exemption is not received upon the student's enrollment in school, the principal shall provide written notice to the parents or guardians informing them of: 

    1. The immunization requirements, 
    2. The denial of further attendance by the student, 
    3. The procedural due process rights, and 
    4. The immunization services that are available. 

    Hearing and Vision Screening 
    Hearing and vision screening shall be conducted for students in grades K-5 and 7 at each building during the first three months of the school year. Screening is conducted by district health specialists with the assistance of trained parent volunteers. Hearing and vision rescreening is conducted within two weeks by health specialists and referrals are made to parents for students who need further evaluation. 

    Vision, Hearing and Testing 
    Vision, hearing and scoliosis testing shall be conducted annually for students consistent with state requirements.