Redmond, Wash. – The Lake Washington School District (LWSD) Board of Directors has selected Dr. Jon Holmen to be the next Lake Washington School District Superintendent. They announced their decision on Monday, March 23, 2020.

Redmond, Wash. – The Lake Washington School District has been following guidance from Public Health in an effort to stay open as long as possible. In light of the current information shared today by our elected officials, we believe it is time to plan for alternative ways to serve our community and families. 

In collaboration with our School Board of Directors and our Lake Washington Education Association, we have made the decision to close all schools from March 12 through March 27, and re-evaluate any further closures during that time. 

In light of today’s news about a King County resident’s death related to the Coronavirus (or COVID-19), and that additional cases are anticipated, we wanted to reach out to share what Lake Washington School District (LWSD) is doing to monitor and prepare for a potential increase in frequency of the Coronavirus in our schools.  



    Auditory and Visual Screening

    File: 3411

    Each year, the Lake Washington School District will conduct hearing and vision testing to determine whether students have any auditory or visual deficits that might impact their learning. Hearing and vision testing, including both distance and near-vision testing, shall be conducted annually for students in grades one, two, three, five and seven, and for any child showing possible signs of auditory or visual acuity loss.




    RCW 28A.210.020-.040
    Chapter 246-105 WAC