First day of preschool 2020

Building updated as part of 2016 bond passed by voters

Redmond, Wash. – Staff cheered Monday, September 14, as the first preschool student walked confidently into the Early Learning Center at Old Redmond Schoolhouse. It is the first time in more than 20 years that Lake Washington School District (LWSD) has held classes in the building. 


Ben Rush Green Team

Three schools in Lake Washington School District were named 2020 Sustaining Green Schools by King County Green Schools in June. Environmental & Adventure School (EAS) qualified for the recognition for the first time this year. The shared campus of Carl Sandburg Elementary and Discovery Community School have earned the recognition for five consecutive years.



    Employment Disclosures, Certification Requirements Assurances and Approvals

    File: 5005

    All certificates to teach in the public schools of Washington are issued by the SPI and are governed by rules and regulations established by the State Board of Education. It is the responsibility of each certificated staff member to make certain that he/she has a valid teaching certificate. 

    A contract is not valid and warrants cannot be issued unless the certificated staff member is the holder of a valid certificate and it shall be the responsibility of the certificated staff member to validate, register, and renew the certificate whenever necessary. Each person should check carefully the expiration date of his/her certificate. 

    A certificate issued by the SPI shall be mailed directly to the certificated staff member who shall be responsible for having it registered in the Lake Washington School District, Office of Personnel Services. 

    Certificates Issued as of September 1, 2000: 
    As of September 1, 2000, the first teacher certificate is called a Residency Certificate. This certificate is valid for five years during which time the teacher must complete an approved college/university Professional Certificate program to maintain certificated status, pursuant to WAC 180-78A through 79A. 

    As of September 1, 2000, endorsements may be obtained only by completing an approved college/university endorsement program. On the certificate, endorsements are designated as "primary" or "supporting." Teacher candidates enrolled in teacher preparation programs prior to September 1, 2000 have until August 31, 2003, to complete endorsement programs based upon the previous endorsement requirements. 

    Certificates Issued Prior to September 1, 2000: 
    Renewal of the initial certificate issued prior to September 1, 2000, requires the completion of all the coursework requirements for continuing certification or 15 quarter hours of study after the issuance of the initial certificate in accordance with WAC 180-79A. Application for renewal is made through the Washington college/university where the continuing program is being completed or through professional certification, SPI, if the continuing program is being completed out of state. 

    Reinstatement of the initial certificate requires the completion of all coursework requirements of continuing certification or 15 quarter hours of study since the issuance of the last certificate. Application is made through professional certification. The certificate may be reinstated twice. 

    Continuing certificate validity is maintained with 150 clock hours of continuing professional education (CPE) earned every five years. Specific endorsements are listed on those continuing certificates where requirements were met on or after August 31, 1987. 

    Additional endorsements may be acquired by completing the approved State Board of Education endorsement requirements through a college/university or through professional certification. Application is made through the college/ university where the program was completed or through professional certification. 

    Substitute Service: The school district must limit the holder of a valid initial, renewed initial, reinstated initial, or endorsed continuing certificate to no more than 30 days of consecutive service outside of the endorsed area. 

    Certificates Issued Prior to August 31, 1987: 
    A standard (continuing) certificate obtained prior to August 31, 1987 is valid for life (WAC 180-79 A-123). There are no maintenance requirements. Neither clock hours nor experience are needed to maintain the certificate. 

    This information applies only to standard or continuing certificates of those persons who completed all requirements prior to August 31, 1987 and applied prior to July 1, 1988. 

    Duplicate Certificates 
    Duplicate certificates are issued only in case of permanent loss or destruction of the original, and application for same shall be made to the authority that issued the original certificate. Forms are available in Personnel Services. 

    Information, General 
    Further data about certification may be secured from the district personnel office or from the Certification Office, SPI.


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