Redmond, Wash. – At a live event on the evening of Wednesday, January 6, Lake Washington School District (LWSD) Superintendent, Dr. Jon Holmen, announced Pathway Forward, LWSD’s plan to return students to in-person learning for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year.

Katya Rukhlinskaia

An International Community School student is the 2019-20 winner of the sixth annual Washington State Zine Contest. Katya Rukhlinskaia, who is now in eighth grade, won for grades 7-9 for her “Tribes: The Cowlitz” zine entry.



    Board Member Qualifications and Elections

    Policy type: Operational Governance Policies
    Policy code: OGP-02
    1. Qualifications
      1. Citizen of the United States and State of Washington
      2. Registered voter of director district
      3. Reside in the appropriate director district
    2. Term
      1. Four years and/or until successor is elected and qualified, except as otherwise provided by law.
      2. Terms staggered, as provided by law, and insofar as possible, not more than a majority of one shall be elected to full terms at any regular election.
      3. Newly-elected directors  shall begin their term of office at the first official meeting following certification of the election results and the newly-elected director has taken and subscribed to an oath of office.
    3. Number 
      The board shall consist of five members, elected by ballot by the registered voters of the district.      
    4. Dates
      1. Filing for primary shall be as specified by law in the year such regular district elections are held. 
      2. The superintendent shall notify local newspapers regarding the filing dates for director positions.
      3. If more than two candidates file for any director position, all positions shall be on the primary ballot.
      4. General election is first Tuesday following first Monday in November in odd numbered years.
    5. Information
      1. Filing and election information for director may be obtained from the King County elections department.
    6.  Candidate Orientation 
      1.  All public information about the school system shall be made available to candidates. Additionally, the Board directs the superintendent to cooperate impartially with all candidates in providing them with information about school governance, Board operations, and school programs. 
      2. Orientation for candidates for the Board of Directors may include; 
        1. Encouragement to attend public meetings of the Board
        2. Meeting with the candidate to provide background information on the school system and board service and/or arranging such other candidate orientation sessions as the candidate may reasonably request; 
        3. Providing the candidate with directions on how to access publications of the District, materials from the Washington State School Directors' Association (WSSDA), the official minutes of Board meetings and District administrative policies;
        4. Reviewing the District budget and related fiscal documents. 
    7. Unexpired Term Fulfillment – Vacancy
      In case of a board vacancy:
      1. If a majority of directors remains, the Board shall fill vacancy by appointment
        1. The Board will solicit applications of individuals seeking to fill the position after suitable public notice.
        2. The Board will appoint one of the candidates to serve until the next regularly scheduled Board election, at which time a director shall be elected for the unexpired term, if any. 
      2. If there is not a majority of directors, the Puget Sound Educational Service District Board members shall appoint a sufficient number to constitute a legal majority of the Board.
      3. If a majority fails to act within ninety (90) days from the creation of such vacancy, the Puget Sound Educational Service District board members shall make appointments.
      4. If the vacancy is created by a board member who has submitted a resignation, that board member may not vote on the selection of his or her replacement.
      5. Appointees shall meet the requirements provided by law



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    Lake Washington School District Board of Directors


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