Monitoring CEO Performance

    Policy type: Board/CEO Relationship
    Policy code: B/CR-5

    The Board will view CEO performance as being identical to organizational performance. CEO job performance will be monitored systematically against the only CEO job expectations: reasonable progress toward organizational accomplishment of the Board’s Ends policies, and organizational operation within the boundaries established in the Board’s Executive Limitations policies.


    1. Monitoring determines the degree to which board policies are being met. Information that does not contribute directly to this purpose is not considered monitoring data.
    2. The Board will acquire monitoring data on Ends and Executive Limitations policies by one or more of three methods:
      1. By internal report, in which the CEO discloses information and certifies compliance to the Board;
      2. By external report, in which an external, disinterested third party selected by the Board assesses compliance with Board policies;
      3. By direct Board inspection, in which the whole Board formally assesses compliance with the appropriate policy criteria.
    3. The consistent standard for compliance for Executive Limitations policies shall be whether the CEO has reasonably interpreted and acted within the scope of the Board policy being monitored. For Ends policies, the standard shall be whether the CEO has reasonably interpreted and whether reasonable progress is being made toward achieving the Board’s described results. The Board will make the final determination as to whether CEO interpretation is reasonable, whether the CEO is in compliance and whether reasonable progress is being made.
    4. All policies that instruct the CEO will be monitored on schedule and by a method chosen by the Board. The Board may monitor any policy at any time by any method, but as a rule will depend upon the following schedule and method:
      Executive Limitations PolicyMethodFrequency
      EL-1 Global Executive Constraint
      EL-2 Emergency CEO Succession
      EL-3 Communication and Counsel to the Board
      EL-4 Annual Report to the Public
      EL-5 Treatment of Parents and Citizens
      EL-6 Student Learning Environment
      EL-7 Instructional Program
      EL-8 Instructional Materials Selection
      EL-9 District Calendar
      EL-10 Student Discipline
      EL-11 Staff Treatment
      EL-12 Staff Compensation
      EL-13 Staff Evaluation
      EL-14 Budgeting/Financial Planning
      EL-15 Financial Administration
      EL-16 Asset Protection
      EL-17 Facilities
      EL-18 Technology
    5. Annually, the Board will conduct a formal summative evaluation of the CEO. The summative evaluation will be based upon data collected during the year from the monitoring of Board policies on Ends and Executive Limitations. The Board will prepare a written evaluation document. The CEO and the Board will review the document in executive session.

      The evaluation document will consist of:
      1. A summary of the data derived during the year from monitoring the Board’s policies on Ends and Executive Limitations;
      2. Conclusions based upon the Board’s prior action during the year relative to whether each End has been achieved or whether reasonable progress has been made toward its achievement;
      3. Conclusions based upon the Board’s prior action during the year relative to whether the CEO has reasonably interpreted and operated properly within the boundaries established by the Executive Limitations policies;
      4. A summary of the CEO’s strengths and weaknesses relative to achievement of the Ends policies and operation within the boundaries established in the Executive Limitations policies.

    Nothing in this policy is intended to imply the establishment of any personal rights not explicitly established by statute, contract or Board policy. All employment decisions related to the CEO remain the sole discretion of the Board.



    Monitoring Method: Board self-assessment
    Monitoring Frequency: Annually

    Lake Washington School District Board of Directors

    LWSD Superintendent and two board members during board meeting

    Governance Process

    Board CEO Relationship

    District superintendent and two board members during board meetingThese policies describe the delegation of authority by the Board to its CEO and clarify the relationship between the two. Organizational performance is considered identical to CEO performance.

    Executive Limitations

    Superintendent reads to a group of elementary school studentsThese policies state the limitations imposed by the Board on the strategies and methods the superintendent and his or her staff may use, as they work to achieve the specified outcomes identified in the Ends Policies. The executive limitations establish the boundaries and operating expectations for staff.

    End Results

    Juanita High School graduates after their graduation ceremonyThese policies define the end results desired for our students and what they are expected to know and be able to do as a result of their educational experience. Ends Results policies are based on the Lake Washington School District Mission, Vision, Student Profile and Guiding Principles.