Norman Rockwell Elementary received a signed copy of the “Freedom From Want” painting from Danny Galieote, a prominent artist who re-created Norman Rockwell paintings to represent the current cultural and social transformation in America today.

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Lake Washington School District is pleased to announce a team from Timberline Middle School (TMS) was selected as one of the regional winners of the 29th annual ExploraVision program. This is the largest K-12 science competition designed to build problem-solving, critical thinking and collaboration skills. Team Project: LAMP (The Localized Alzheimer’s Microneedle Patch), from TMS, will advance to the national phase of the competition, where participants will have a chance to win $10,000 in savings bonds and other great prizes.



    Student Safety Walking, Biking and Riding Buses

    File: 6605

    Student Conduct on School Buses
    Rules and regulations for student riding school buses are outlined in the District Student Bus Conduct Handbook.  
    Each bus driver has the authority to hold each student accountable for any disorderly conduct or anti-social behavior while under his/her supervision and to provide Bus Conduct Report to the school principal or their designee for disciplinary action when such conduct occurs.

    Student Safety Patrols
    In order to maintain the highest possible standards of safety it is imperative that the principal or designee work closely with the safety patrol and school bus patrol. All members of the school patrol are subject to the authority of the principal working in conjunction with the representative of the Washington State Patrol. Specific supervisory responsibility may be assigned to a member of the staff. 

    Suggest Walk Routes and Riding Bicycles to School
    The Lake Washington School District works in partnership with the cities of Kirkland, Sammamish, and Redmond as well as King County for the purpose of developing suggested walking routes for elementary students. These routes are developed and reviewed by a district Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Advisory Committee. Members of the committee include members from local jurisdictions, parents, and district staff. All routes will be reviewed annually. The Committee will use the most current version of the Washington State School Walk and Bike Routes: A Guide for Planning and Improving Walk and Bike to School Options for Students as guidance for the annual review. 

    The district encourages the use of bicycles as a mode of transportation to school when safe. Bicycle routes designated by the local cities and county are included in the Suggested Walk Route maps. All elementary students above the age of 10 may ride a bicycle to school with a completed permission form signed by the parent/guardian. For students under the age of 10, an adult needs to accompany the student both to school and on the return home. 



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    School Walk and Bike Routes: A Guide for Planning and Improving Walk and Bike to School Options for Students (Washington State Department of Transportation, Washington Traffic Safety Commission, The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington State Department of Health).