Norman Rockwell Elementary received a signed copy of the “Freedom From Want” painting from Danny Galieote, a prominent artist who re-created Norman Rockwell paintings to represent the current cultural and social transformation in America today.

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Lake Washington School District is pleased to announce a team from Timberline Middle School (TMS) was selected as one of the regional winners of the 29th annual ExploraVision program. This is the largest K-12 science competition designed to build problem-solving, critical thinking and collaboration skills. Team Project: LAMP (The Localized Alzheimer’s Microneedle Patch), from TMS, will advance to the national phase of the competition, where participants will have a chance to win $10,000 in savings bonds and other great prizes.



    Naming Facilities and Mascots 

    File: 6970

    Naming New Facilities or Mascots

    Names and mascots for new elementary, middle, and high school facilities shall be submitted to the Superintendent for consideration and approval.

    The Superintendent shall name each new elementary school by selecting the names of a deceased person famous for work in science, the humanities, letters, education, or a person (living or deceased) that has made a significant cultural or humanitarian contribution. The Superintendent may, after request by the naming committee, consider other categories for naming. The Superintendent shall name a mascot for each new elementary school. Mascots shall be culturally and racially sensitive and appropriate and comply with the district’s Human Dignity (4010) and Non-discrimination (5010) policies

    The Superintendent shall name each new secondary school according to:

    1. The neighborhood or district in which it is located or 
    2. By selecting the name of a living or deceased person that has made a significant cultural or humanitarian contribution; or,
    3. A place related to the local area or Pacific Northwest history. 

    The Superintendent, after request by the naming committee, may consider other categories for naming. The Superintendent shall name a mascot for each secondary school. Mascots shall be culturally and racially sensitive and appropriate.

    In keeping with the district's policy of inclusion and recognition of diversity, at least one out of every three new elementary schools constructed in the Lake Washington School District shall be named to reflect diverse populations.

    Renaming Facilities or Mascots

    Existing facilities shall only be renamed at the direction of the Superintendent. The Superintendent may initiate a procedure to rename an existing facility due to programmatic changes or other reasons deemed appropriate by the Superintendent.

    Should the Superintendent determine that a facility name or mascot does not meet the requirements of this policy; he/she may immediately remove the name or mascot and require the school to go through the selection process in order to adopt a new school name or mascot.

    Imagery, symbols, and costumes used in conjunction with a school's mascot may be modified at any time at the discretion of the school principal.

    Naming a Portion of a School, Site or Facility

    No portion of any building or site shall be named differently than the name of the school unless such naming is initiated by the Superintendent. Any such names need to recognize that the names of public structures are expected to be in place for significant periods of time and should be reflective of the long-term use of the school or other facility. Therefore, any name selected needs to be meaningful to future generations of students and community users. Names with geographical historical reference would be appropriately considered. If a name of a person, living or deceased, is proposed because of a significant past or recent direct contribution to the school or portion of the facility to be named, such person’s direct connection with the district must have been discontinued for at least five years before the person’s name would be considered for Superintendent approval.

    Other Memorials/Dedications

    Any site or facility improvement in memorial or as a dedication of outstanding service shall be in accordance with the following guidelines:

    • The dedication is for the purpose of a memorial of a deceased student or staff member of the school or in recognition of outstanding service of a retired staff member or former board member.
    • The dedication and any associated signage, statuary, landscaping, etc. has received the approval of the building principal and Director of Elementary or Secondary Education with director oversight of the school.
    • The costs of any signage, statuary, landscaping, or other facility or site improvements shall be borne by those seeking the dedication and shall not be paid for from school district funds. Any improvements to facilities or grounds shall require approval by the district facility staff and shall not incur any ongoing costs or create any additional liability for the district.
    • The dedication shall not be used to “name” facilities and shall not be used for identification of location or directions.

    Dedications or portions of district facilities shall be considered to be active for a period not to exceed ten years. Future facility improvements will not be planned to retain the dedication/memorial. Replacement of any such dedication/memorial that is worn or is past its useful life, will be left up to the principal. Such replacement shall not be done at the expense of the district.