More than 4,100 distinguished students recognized nationwide

Redmond, Wash. – The National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) announced this week that one additional Lake Washington School District (LWSD) student will receive a National Merit College-Sponsored Scholarship:

Kevin Zhang, Nikola Tesla STEM High School - National Merit Purdue University Scholarship 

A group of freshman from Nikola Tesla STEM High School is helping kids with Cerebral Palsy move around a little easier. As part of their end of year project, this team partnered with a program by the name of Go Baby Go

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Dozens of LWSD students earned their way to the 2021 International Career Development Conference (ICDC), which was held virtually in late April and early May. Of that group, about 30 students competed as finalists and two students placed as high as third.



    Bid or Request for Proposal Requirements

    File: 6220

    Bidding Requirements
    The superintendent shall establish bidding and contract awarding procedures for all purchases of furniture, equipment, supplies (except for books), the cost of which is estimated to be in excess of $40,000, or public works projects, the cost of which is estimated to be in excess of $75,000. 

    Bid procedures shall be waived when the board declares an emergency or when purchases are clearly limited to a single source of supply. The board may by resolution reject any and all bids and make further calls for bids in the same manner as the original call. The board reserves the right to purchase through an interlocal cooperative agreement with another governmental agency provided such agency has complied with the bidding requirements that are applicable to school district. 

    Formal Bidding 
    Whenever in the opinion of the district the cost of any furniture, supplies, or equipment shall exceed $75,000, formal bids shall be called for. When the cost of public works exceed $100,000, except when the district uses the small works roster process, formal bids shall be called for by issuing public notice placed in at least one newspaper of general circulation within the district once each week for two consecutive weeks. Clear and definite specifications shall be prepared and made available to all vendors interested in submitting a bid. For purposes of this policy, a lease-purchase agreement, whereby the district may own the property at the end of a lease term, shall be subject to the same conditions as an outright purchase. 

    Informal Bidding 
    When the cost of any furniture, supplies, or equipment shall exceed $40,000 but be less than $75,000, informal bids shall be solicited from responsible vendors. When the cost of public works shall exceed $75,000 but be less than $100,000 informal bids shall be solicited form licensed contractors who appear on the district's small works roster. 

    Construction Contracts Bidding and Awards and Payments to Contractors
    Advertisements and Solicitations of Bids
    All bids for contract work in connection with site improvement, building construction, and remodeling supported by state funds shall be authorized through the architect's office upon written instructions from the superintendent or designee following approval of plans by the board. These advertisements shall be in a form approved by the Purchasing Department and the architect and shall be placed in a trade journal of general circulation once each week for at least two consecutive weeks and a like number of times in a publication of general circulation in the area.

    The architect shall provide information to all contractors who may be interested in the type of work advertised and shall place plans for bidders observation and use with the plan centers in this area.

    Receiving and Opening of Bids
    The board establishes the following guides to procedure for receiving bids for building and site construction work:

    1. The purchasing manager shall designate the time and place for receiving bids after the necessary board and state approvals of bid documents have been received.
    2. The bids shall be received, opened, and tabulated in the presence of the following:
      1. The purchasing manager, or a person designated by him, shall serve as chair.
      2. The superintendent or designee or his representative shall tabulate the bids and prepare a report for the board at the next regular board meeting. This report shall include the recommendations of the superintendent regarding acceptance or rejection of the bids.
      3. The project architect designated by the board also shall tabulate bids, audit same, and prepare a report on the qualifications of the low bidders for the board.

    Awarding Contracts
    Contract for site development, new buildings, and remodeling of existing buildings which are supported by state funds shall be awarded by the board based upon recommendations of the superintendent and the assigned architect. In the event that an award is recommended to a contractor other than the low bidder, the recommendations shall be accompanied by a written documentation of the reasons for not awarding to the low bidder.

    Withdrawal of Bids
    On all bid calls, the board reserves the right to waive any informalities and to reject any or all bids.

    The conditions under which a bidder may withdraw his bid are detailed in the law. Questions pertaining to errors in bids or other legal interpretations shall be taken to the prosecuting attorney or the district's legal counsel prior to the report to the board on bids received.

    Contract Forms
    The district shall use standard AIA contract forms unless other forms have been designed in accordance with state laws as to format, terminology, and methods of execution.

    Payments to Contractors
    In all construction contracts approved by the board, the contractor is to furnish approved wage scales and other employment information in full accordance with state and federal laws and regulations prior to any payments.



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