Instructional Materials Selection

    Policy type: Executive Limitations
    Policy code: EL-8

    The CEO shall select textbooks and instructional materials that advance the achievement of the Board’s End Results policies.

    Accordingly, the CEO shall:

      1. Ensure appropriate input from the following groups as textbooks and instructional materials, including content-based software, are reviewed and selected: students, parents, teachers, administrators and other staff members involved in the instructional program.
      2. Assure the selection of instructional materials that contribute toward continuity, integration and articulation of the curriculum by course and program.
      3. Consider the needs of all learners when recommending textbooks and selecting instructional materials.
      4. Provide a procedure for the scheduled evaluation of materials and textbooks, and a procedure for reviewing such materials upon formal request by a parent or other constituent.



    Monitoring Method: Internal Report
    Monitoring Frequency: Annually

    Lake Washington School District Board of Directors

    Governance Process

    Board CEO Relationship

    District superintendent and two board members during board meetingThese policies describe the delegation of authority by the Board to its CEO and clarify the relationship between the two. Organizational performance is considered identical to CEO performance.

    Executive Limitations

    Superintendent reads to a group of elementary school studentsThese policies state the limitations imposed by the Board on the strategies and methods the superintendent and his or her staff may use, as they work to achieve the specified outcomes identified in the Ends Policies. The executive limitations establish the boundaries and operating expectations for staff.

    End Results

    Juanita High School graduates after their graduation ceremonyThese policies define the end results desired for our students and what they are expected to know and be able to do as a result of their educational experience. Ends Results policies are based on the Lake Washington School District Mission, Vision, Student Profile and Guiding Principles.