Norman Rockwell Elementary received a signed copy of the “Freedom From Want” painting from Danny Galieote, a prominent artist who re-created Norman Rockwell paintings to represent the current cultural and social transformation in America today.

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Lake Washington School District is pleased to announce a team from Timberline Middle School (TMS) was selected as one of the regional winners of the 29th annual ExploraVision program. This is the largest K-12 science competition designed to build problem-solving, critical thinking and collaboration skills. Team Project: LAMP (The Localized Alzheimer’s Microneedle Patch), from TMS, will advance to the national phase of the competition, where participants will have a chance to win $10,000 in savings bonds and other great prizes.



    Procedure Grading, Progress Reports and Standardized Tests

    File: 2420P

    The approved reporting system includes ongoing student progress reporting via the district-adopted electronic gradebook, elementary teacher parent conferences and report cards. Narrative reports to parents may be used to supplement the other reporting practices. 

    Individuals with disabilities who may need a special accommodation to participate in a parent-teacher conference should contact the principal's office no later than three (3) days before conference so that special arrangements may be made. 

    Reporting Practices 

    1. Elementary - Grades K-5
      Two conferences will be held: one in the fall and one in the winter. One written report card shall be issued in conjunction with the winter conference. One written report card shall be issued to parents at the end of each school year.

      When numerical grades are used in reporting to parents, the following explanation of grades shall be made: 

      4. Exceeds Standard
      3. At Standard 
      2. Approaching Standard
      1. Not at Standard 
      /. Not Evaluated
    2. Secondary - Grades 6-12
      Report cards are issued each quarter at the secondary level. 

      Informal progress reports may be submitted at any time during a regular reporting period. 

      The approved grading scale and grade point equivalents will be as follows for the computation of the Grade Point Average (GPA):
      Grading scale
      Grade Grade Point
      A 4.0
      B+ 3.3
      B 3.0
      B- 2.7
      C+ 2.3
      C 2.0
      C- 1.7
      D+ 1.3
      D 1.0
      F 0.0

      Other marks may also be used in approved circumstances. These non-numerical marks/grades shall be excluded from the calculation of the grade point average. These marks are defined as: 

      P . . Passing - meets minimum requirements for credit. 

      N . . No credit - does not meet minimum requirement for credit 

      I . . Incomplete work - has not yet met course requirements for credit. If an “incomplete” is awarded, a plan for course completion should be developed and followed. Every effort should be made to resolve any incompletes prior to graduation using the course completion plan developed in consultation with the student and parent(s)/guardian(s). If the incomplete is not resolved, it cannot be removed from the transcript.

      S . . Satisfactory - student has not met course requirements but has met objectives commensurate with ability and/or circumstances. Parents, students of a majority age, teacher, counselor, and principal should all be consulted in determining whether an "S" grade should be given. 

      W . . Withdrawal - student withdrew from course. 

      Standardized Tests  
      The school district shall establish and maintain a standardized basic testing program which can be used, communicated, and interpreted by school and by district. 

      The program shall lend itself to: 
      1. A qualitative assessment of the educational program of the district for purposes of reporting the over-all status of the district and charting the growth of its pupils, grades, schools, and areas from year to year. 
      2. Appropriate reports to the board, 
      3. Interpretation and use by the teacher, counselor, and administrator so that the test findings shall influence the guidance and counseling of individual children, and the development of a high-quality curriculum.
      The program shall reflect the academic growth of pupils according to local and national norms; minimize the workload of school personnel in terms of test administration, scoring, interpretation, and use; be adequate and financially feasible, require reasonable training for involved school personnel, and assess the growth of pupils in the basic skills and subjects in the elementary and secondary grades. 

      The district testing program shall embody those tests required by state law. 

      Deviations from the established testing program must have the prior approval of the superintendent or designee. 

      Diagnostic Personality Tests 
      There shall be on file in the office of the administrator of special services the written consent of the parent or guardian prior to the administering of any diagnostic personality test. 
      (180-52-035, filed 12/5/69, eff. 1/5/70. Prior: Formerly WAC 180-16-165, 2c, 3e) 



    WAC 392-415-050 
    WAC 392-415-055