Juanita Elementary Affirmation Mirror

Strong kids begin with strong minds. That's why Jordan McClellion at Juanita Elementary is nurturing her students to see the best in themselves through the "affirmation mirror" station.

Saidhruv Chittamuri & Paige Stime-perfect ACT scores

A student from Redmond High School (RHS) and another from Nikola Tesla STEM High School have achieved something that less than one-half of 1% of test takers achieve. Saidhruv Chittamuri, senior at RHS, and Paige Stime, senior at Tesla STEM, earned the highest possible ACT composite score of 36.



    Procedure Use of School Facilities

    File: 4260P

    General Procedures and Board Regulations 

    1. Applications for use of school facilities shall be made to building principals. Information concerning district facility usage shall be available through the Public Information Office. 
    2. The Superintendent shall determine and approve all fees for use of district facilities. The fee shall be the additional direct cost to the school district. Costs for heat and lights may be charged when deemed appropriate. 
    3. Sponsoring organizations shall provide sufficient competent adult and/or special supervision, and the amount of adequate supervision shall be agreed upon at the time the authorization is issued. 
    4. Alcoholic beverages, narcotics and dangerous drugs shall not be permitted in school facilities or on school property at any time. 
    5. All applicants for use of district facilities shall hold the Lake Washington School District free and without harm from any loss or damage liability or expense that may arise during or be caused in any way by such use or occupancy of district facilities. Also, in the event that property loss or damage is incurred during such use or occupancy of district facilities, the amount of damage shall be decided by the superintendent and a bill for damages shall be presented to the group using or occupying the facilities during the time the loss or damage was sustained. 
    6. Any and all use of the district facilities shall be totally free from commercial and/or personal use unless approved by the Board of Directors. 
    7. The superintendent possesses the authority to make the final decision for non-commercial use of school facilities by a group. 

    Public’s Conduct at School Facilities 
    The board approves the following regulations for the maintenance of public order on its vehicles and on its real property owned, leased, or otherwise used by the school district and for the protection of that property: 

    1. No person on school property shall: 
      1. Injure or threaten to injure the person of another. 
      2. Damage the property of another or of the school district. 
      3. Violate any provision of the criminal laws of the State of Washington. 
      4. Conduct himself/herself in such manner as to impede, delay, or otherwise interfere with the orderly conduct of the educational program of the school district or any other activity taking place on school property which has been authorized by the Board of Education, superintendent, building principal, or other authorized school district administrator. 
      5. Enter upon any portion of school premises at any time for purposes other than those which are lawful and/or authorized by the board. 
      6. Willfully violate other rules and regulations adopted by the board and properly publicized, designed to maintain public order on school property. 
    2. Violators shall be dealt with as follows: 
      1. Students shall be subject to suspension and expulsion pursuant to the provisions of Policy JGD/JGE of the Lake Washington School District or other appropriate penalties as may be determined. 
      2. Certificated and classified staff shall be subject to the penalties and procedures provided in board policy and state law. 
      3. Any other person on school property may be requested by the appropriate administrator or the building principal or his/her or her agent to register at the proper office stating name, address, and purpose or business on school property. Any such person having no legitimate purpose or business on school property or violating or threatening to violate the above rules relating to the maintenance of public order shall be directed to leave the premises. Should he or she fail or refuse to do so, the local police, state police, or sheriff's department shall be notified and requested to cause his/her or her ejection as a loiterer or trespasser under state law. 
    3. The superintendent shall be responsible for enforcement of this policy, and he/she or she may designate other administrative officers to take enforcement action. 
    4. In any case where violations of this policy do not cease after reasonable warning and in other cases of willful violation of such directives, the superintendent or designees shall take appropriate action. In addition, the superintendent or designees may request public law enforcement officials and/or the courts for necessary assistance. 
    5. Any person defacing, injuring, or destroying property of the Lake Washington School District shall be guilty of a misdemeanor as prescribed in state law. 
    6. The school district shall be compensated for any unlawful acts against its property to include: 
      1. Cost of material or equipment. 
      2. Cost for replacement. 
      3. Any labor cost incurred.