Juanita Elementary Affirmation Mirror

Strong kids begin with strong minds. That's why Jordan McClellion at Juanita Elementary is nurturing her students to see the best in themselves through the "affirmation mirror" station.

Redmond, Wash. - Lake Washington School District is planning three ballot measures for the February 8, 2022 election. The measures are a replacement of the existing Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) levy, a replacement of the existing School Technology and Capital Levy, and a Building Excellence Capital levy. A recommendation was presented to the Board of Directors on October 4, and they formally approved the levies at their October 18 board meeting.

Saidhruv Chittamuri & Paige Stime-perfect ACT scores

A student from Redmond High School (RHS) and another from Nikola Tesla STEM High School have achieved something that less than one-half of 1% of test takers achieve. Saidhruv Chittamuri, senior at RHS, and Paige Stime, senior at Tesla STEM, earned the highest possible ACT composite score of 36.



    Procedure School Support Organizations

    File: 4120P

    School-Community Associations 

    PTSA/Parent Organization Payments to Employees 
    District employees can be an integral part of PTSA programs, which can include supervising after-school events, teaching extra-curricular programs, etc. Compensation for staff asked to take part in these programs shall be paid through the district’s payroll process and in accordance with district salary schedules and bargaining unit agreements. 

    Funds collected to cover the costs of these programs shall be donated to the district by the PTSA. Staff should not accept payments directly from parents or PTSA. 

    Advertisements/flyers for events must state clearly who is sponsoring the event. 

    Procedure Booster Clubs  
    Booster Clubs may promote the education, general welfare and morale of students through assisting in the financing of legitimate extra-curricular activities of the student body in order to augment but not conflict with the educational programs and legal requirements of the school and District. 

    1. Operation and IRS Tax Exemption Status 
      1. The Booster Club must operate at no cost to the school or District. 
      2. All Booster Clubs should obtain 501(c)(3) status with the IRS and should operate in accordance with State laws governing non-profit organizations pursuant to RCW 24.03. This includes the filing of articles of incorporation and bylaws with the Secretary of State. 
    2. Requirement of School Approval Prior to Giving In-Kind Gifts or Donations 
      1. Prior to presenting the school or District with any in-kind gift or donation (including but not limited to, sporting equipment, uniforms, or sporting events/trips, etc.), the Booster Clubs must communicate with the school principal or designee to determine whether the proposed donation or gift is appropriate and whether it can or will be accepted. 
      2. This prior communication is intended to help enable the Booster Clubs to procure appropriate in-kind gifts and donations, such as equipment or supplies, which can be accepted and utilized by the intended school program. 
    3. Booster Club Donations and Gifts Requiring Prior Approval by the School Board 
      1. The school and District shall have the sole authority and discretion to accept or reject a donation or gift in accordance with its policies and procedures as well as State and Federal laws. 
      2. All donations or gifts subject to the thresholds identified in policy DFC (Donations From Private Sources) shall require prior approval by the school board in order to be accepted. 
    4. Failure to Obtain Prior Approval for Gifts or Donations 
      1. Should a Booster Club fail to obtain prior approval from the school for donations and/or in-kind gifts, any of the following actions may be taken by the District if deemed appropriate. 
        1. The Booster Club will be informed of the District’s policy and procedures for accepting gifts; 
        2. The school or District may re-allocate the subject gift or donation at its discretion to provide for equity among programs and in accordance with Title IX Of The Education Amendments Of 1972, 20 U.S.C. A§ 1681 et. seq.; 
        3. The donation or gift may be refunded or returned to the Booster Club; or 
        4. If an employee knowingly accepts any donation or in-kind gift without prior approval, disciplinary action may be taken by the District against the employee in accordance with the employee’s employment contract. 
    5. Recording and Tracking Booster Club Donations and Gifts 
      1. Schools must monitor and record all donations and in-kind gifts from Booster Clubs. 
      2. Information to be recorded should include at minimum: the dollar amount (if cash) or monetary value (if in-kind), the specific purpose, and the group to whom the donation is intended. 
    6. Allocating Booster Club Donations and Gifts 
      1. Once accepted from the Booster Club, it is the District’s intent to honor the specific purpose of the Booster Clubs’ donation or gift by allocating such donation or gift to the corresponding program. 
      2. However, the District reserves the right to utilize the donations or gifts for purposes different than their intended use in order to provide for equity among programs to comply with Title IX Of The Education Amendments Of 1972, 20 U.S.C. A§ 1681 et. seq. 
    7. Booster Club Fundraisers and/or Events 
      1. Advertisements/flyers for events or fundraisers must state clearly that it is a Booster Club event or fundraiser. 
      2. In order to qualify for facility use, Booster Clubs must follow District Facility Use Guidelines including: 
        1. The Booster Club must have non-profit 501(c)(3) status; 
        2. The event must be covered by the Booster Club’s insurance policy; 
        3. The event must be advertised as a Booster Club event; and 
        4. All monetary fees paid by participants in conjunction with the event must go directly to the Booster Club.