Juanita Elementary Affirmation Mirror

Strong kids begin with strong minds. That's why Jordan McClellion at Juanita Elementary is nurturing her students to see the best in themselves through the "affirmation mirror" station.

Redmond, Wash. - Lake Washington School District is planning three ballot measures for the February 8, 2022 election. The measures are a replacement of the existing Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) levy, a replacement of the existing School Technology and Capital Levy, and a Building Excellence Capital levy. A recommendation was presented to the Board of Directors on October 4, and they formally approved the levies at their October 18 board meeting.

Saidhruv Chittamuri & Paige Stime-perfect ACT scores

A student from Redmond High School (RHS) and another from Nikola Tesla STEM High School have achieved something that less than one-half of 1% of test takers achieve. Saidhruv Chittamuri, senior at RHS, and Paige Stime, senior at Tesla STEM, earned the highest possible ACT composite score of 36.



    Civility Policy

    File: 4011

    The Lake Washington School District believes that a safe, civil, and respectful environment is essential to the successful operation of schools. Conversely, uncivil conduct (see definition) interferes with students’ ability to learn, a school’s ability to educate its students, and an administrator’s ability to manage and lead the school community.

    Through participation in school activities and/or school sponsored activities, students, staff, parents, community members, and administrators shall be accountable for the promotion of and demonstration of civil conduct, communication, and problem-solving throughout the school district or at locations of school-sponsored activities. The District is committed to support this expectation and will not condone or accept uncivil conduct (see definition) on school grounds, at school-sponsored activities, or in verbal, written or electronic communications whether by students, staff, parents, community members, or administrators.

    The purpose of the Lake Washington School District’s Civility Policy:

    To promote an environment that is safe, productive, and nurturing for students;

    To provide students with appropriate models for civil and respectful communication and problem-solving; and

    To support respectful and civil interaction and communication among students, staff, parents, community members, and administrators.

    Uncivil Conduct:
    Definition: Conducting one’s self in a discourteous or disrespectful manner when communicating or interacting with others.

    Uncivil Conduct includes, but is not limited to, behaviors such as: directing vulgar, obscene or profane gestures or words at another individual; taunting, jeering, inciting others to taunt or jeer at an individual; interrupting another individual repeatedly or raising one’s voice in anger at another person; imposing personal demands at times or in settings where they conflict with assigned duties and cannot reasonably be met; using derogatory epithets; gesturing in a manner that puts another in fear for his/her personal safety; invading the personal space of an individual after being directed to move away, physically blocking an individual’s exit from a room or location, remaining in a classroom or school area after a teacher or administrator in authority has directed one to leave; violating the privacy of another individual’s belongings (except for lawful searches by school officials conducted in connection with the administration of school rules and applicable laws); or other similar disruptive conduct.

    “Uncivil conduct” does not include the expression of controversial or differing viewpoints that may be offensive to some persons, so long as: 1) the ideas are presented in a respectful manner and at a time and place that are appropriate, and 2) such expression does not materially disrupt, and may not be reasonably anticipated to disrupt, the educational process.

    Implementation of the Civility Policy:
    In all cases, individuals who perceive they have been treated in an uncivil manner will be urged to resolve their concerns promptly through direct or assisted communication with the person(s) at the source of the concern. When this is not possible or appropriate, any person who needs help in identifying and/or using appropriate problem-solving procedures may seek assistance from a school/district administrator or supervisor.

    Severe or persistent acts of uncivil conduct may be in violation of other District’s policies such as Human Dignity (4010), Harassment of Staff (6513 and 6513P), Staff Conduct (5006), Student Rights & Responsibilities (3200), Student Conduct (3240 and 3240P), Threats of Violence or Harm (4314 and 4314P), Student Conduct on School Buses (6605), Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying of Students (3207 and 3207P), Student Discipline and Corrective Action (3241 and 3241P), School-Community Relations Goals (4265), Public Conduct on School Property (4260P), Visitors to the Schools (4200 and 4200P), Public Complaints (4220 and 4220F), and Parents’ Rights & Responsibilities (4129). Violation of such policies may result in further action as applicable. Nothing in this policy is intended to interfere with the ability of school officials to maintain order and discipline in the schools or to enforce school rules and applicable policies and laws.

    The Superintendent or designee shall communicate this policy annually with students, staff, parents, community members, and administrators.