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    Board Committee Principles

    Policy type: Governance Process
    Policy code: GP-5

    Board committees, when used, will be used to support the work of the Board as described in Policy GP-3, to reinforce the wholeness of the Board’s job, and never to interfere with delegation of authority from the Board to the CEO.


      1. Board committees are to assist the Board to do its job, not to direct or advise the staff. Committees ordinarily will assist the Board by preparing policy alternatives, implications or recommendations for Board consideration. Consistent with the Board’s broader focus, Board committees will not have authority over staff.
      2. Board committees may not speak or act for the Board except when formally given such authority for specific and time-limited purposes. Committee expectations and authority will be stated carefully by the Board in policy to assure that committee authority will not conflict with authority delegated to the CEO.
      3. Board committees may not exercise authority over the CEO or staff. Because the CEO works for the full Board, any direction to the CEO related to a committee recommendation will come from the full Board.
      4. A Board committee that has helped the Board create policy will not be used to monitor organizational performance on that same activity.
      5. This policy applies only to committees that are formed by Board action, whether or not the committees include Board members. It does not apply to committees formed under the authority of the CEO.
      6. All Board committee meetings are open to the public.
      7. A committee is a Board committee only if its existence and charge comes from the Board and its work is intended to support the Board's work, whether or not Board members serve on the committee. The only Board committees are those listed in this policy. Unless otherwise indicated, a committee ceases to exist as soon as its task is complete.



    Monitoring Method: Board self-assessment
    Monitoring Frequency: Annually

    Lake Washington School District Board of Directors

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    Governance Culture

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    Board CEO Relationship

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    Executive Limitations

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    End Results

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