Leading With Equity

“As an organization, we have an obligation to be responsive to the needs of all our students while lifting up and elevating our students that have been marginalized both historically and through our current pandemic. I am proud to say that the lives of our Black students matter in Lake Washington School District and we have the opportunity to demonstrate that as students return to school. Given the ongoing discussions about race across the country, we must make sure our students of color, and particularly our Black students, know they belong and that our schools are safe spaces for them. As educators, we have the opportunity to create these safe spaces for students that are most likely wondering what school will feel like right now.” Dr. Jon Holmen, Superintendent

Why we lead with equity

Equity is central to Lake Washington School District's mission, vision and values

In order to live up to these ideals we must ensure that:

  • Each student feels safe and welcomed in their class and school communities for who they are and they ways in which they identify.
  • Each student has access to the supports and challenges that will help them thrive personally.
  • Each student is supported by educators that are willing to continue to grow and evolve so that they are prepared to meet the needs of each student and that they are prepared to help our students learn how to navigate and contribute to a diverse and dynamic society.
  • Our families, who know their student best, are authentic partners in supporting their student’s learning.
  • We are transparent about our progress and lack of progress so that we can engage in reflective practices which will lead to systemic changes that better support each student.

Equity presentation

How we're engaged in systemic change

LWSD actively engages in systemic change by focusing on intentional growth and change at the individual, group and organizational levels. It is important for us to recognize that doing the work of systemically changing an educational system is a continual process that requires sustained effort to learn and improve.

ExplorE LWSD's Efforts Towards Systemic Change 

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