Inclusion in LWSD Video Series

“Inclusion is about creating community and seeing each member of the community for the strengths and assets that make them unique.” Superintendent Dr. Jon Holmen kicks off our Inclusive Schools video series talking about the impact our entire community will have through this initiative. Since 2018, we have piloted the Inclusive Schools program in preschool and a handful of elementary schools. Starting in the 2023-24 school year, all elementary schools will participate and we look forward to seeing the benefits of inclusive education for ALL students by way of greater academic gains, improved empathy and reduced fear of differences.

Through this video series, you will have the opportunity to hear from staff, families, administrators and students about our work related to inclusive schools.

Inclusive Schools

Eagle Buddies Club

Audubon Elementary

Kindergarten training

Rose Hill Elementary

Lakeview: MTSS

Parent experience

Twain: Partner collaboration


Inclusion Mission

WINN time at Kirk Elementary