Talent Strategy and Communications

Camile Alexander

Camille Alexander | Executive Director of Human Resources, Talent Acquisition & Management

425-936-1266 | calexander@lwsd.org

Mrs. Alexander is responsible for designing the district’s talent management infrastructure, processes and frameworks from the first touch point of an employees’ experience to the last. Mrs. Alexander leads and directs district recruitment and retention efforts to further workforce diversity policies and promote a culture and climate to attract and retain a highly effective and skilled workforce. She interacts regularly with administrators and district leadership and is responsible for developing short and long-term recruitment strategies for classified and certificated positions throughout the district. Mrs. Alexander reports to the Associate Superintendent of Talent Strategy and Communications and supervises HR staff as assigned.

Human Resources Organizational Chart

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Zakiya Cita

Zakiya Cita | Director of Human Resources, Talent Acquisition

425-936-1421 | zcita@lwsd.org 

Ms. Cita provides strategic leadership and management of the district’s full life cycle recruiting functions, strategies and procedures for certificated and classified positions. Her efforts aim to position LWSD as an employer of choice where staff of all backgrounds thrive. She cultivates strong relationships and delivers results in a rapidly and constantly evolving environment. Through collaboration with the Office of Equity and Family Engagement and other divisions, Ms. Cita ensures that our hiring and selection systems and processes include appropriate onboarding, orientation and training for new employees as well as embed equity and diversity principles and practices.


Michael Clark

Michael Clark | Director of Staffing & Operations

425-936-1330 | miclark@lwsd.org 

Mr. Clark oversees the annual certificated staffing of schools and departments, ensuring compliance with state and federal law, as well as contractual provisions. He is responsible for maintaining the district certificated staffing allocations, issuing of certificated contracts and the maintenance of district agreements regarding certificated staff. Additionally, Mr. Clark oversees the substitute office, HR data and information team, and leaves and accommodations. 


Jerred Kelly

Jerred Kelly | Director of Human Resources, Classified Employee & Labor Relations

425-936-1333 | jerrkelly@lwsd.org

Mr. Kelly works in collaboration with the Associate Superintendent of Talent Strategy and Communications to provide leadership for the district’s human resources (HR) and to integrate and implement effective HR operations aligned with district goals and objectives. Mr. Kelly assumes responsibility for classified staffing and employee relations processes and compliance with all legal and contractual matters pertaining to classified employment. Mr. Kelly oversees employment-related processes pertaining to the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Richard Patterson

Dr. Richard Patterson | Director of Human Resources, Certificated Employee & Labor Relations

425-936-1251 | ripatterson@lwsd.org

Working with the Associate Superintendent of Talent Strategy and Communications, Dr. Patterson oversees the certificated employee and labor relations services across LWSD. He plays a key leadership role in programs aimed at proactively addressing workplace concerns, improving employee engagement and workplace performance as well as designing and implementing an employee and labor relations strategy focused on cultivating employee and labor relations with LWSD’s culture and values. Dr. Patterson also represents the district interests in systemwide contract negotiations and the implementation and administration of collective bargaining agreements and relevant policies.


Shannon Parthemer

Shannon Parthemer | Director of Communications

425-936-1342 | sparthemer@lwsd.org

Mrs. Parthemer provides overall leadership for the district’s communications operations and serves as the district’s Public Information and Communications Officer. She acts as district spokesperson for the media and the public, ensuring timely, reliable, accessible and accurate provision of information and communications. She leads the development, integration, and implementation of the district’s public/media relations and communications plans aligned with district goals and objectives. Mrs. Parthemer assumes responsibility for internal and external district publications; print and social and multi-media communications; and, volunteer community engagement efforts.

Communications organizational chart

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