We believe that all students must be safe and feel a sense of belonging if they are to succeed. It is our responsibility to create safe and inclusive learning communities in every school where every student and family is valued and welcomed.

Here are some of the initiatives for 2020-21 in the area of Well-Being:

  • Launched the Academy for Creating Excellence (ACE) to provide mentorship, support and belonging for Black/African American males
  • Partnered with the Lake Washington Schools Foundation to make Youth Mental Health First Aid training available for all LWSD staff
  • Established a remote suicide prevention/intervention plan
  • Established high school student support groups in partnership with EvergreenHealth 
  • Established parent support groups in partnership with Balance in Mind and SeaMar
  • Partnered with Communities in Schools and the cities of Redmond and Kirkland to coordinate services for families
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Students cite strong, supportive relationships within and beyond school


94% of 3rd-5th students and 93% of 6th-12th students report having a family or other adult outside of school who they can count on to help them, no matter what.

88% of 3rd-5th students and 72% of 6th-12th students report having a teacher or other adult from school who they can count on to help them, no matter what.


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School safety saw significant improvement from Fall 2019 to Spring 2021

From Fall 2019 to Spring 2021, 3rd-5th graders reported a 10 point increase in School Safety favorability and 6th-12th graders reported a 14 point increase.


  Increase from Fall 2019
Question Grades 3-5 Grades 6-12
How often are people disrespectful to others at  your school? +23 +27
At your school, how unfairly do the adults treat the students? n/a +19
How often do you worry about violence at your school? +14 +13



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Source: Spring 2021 Lake Washington School District | Key Insights from Student Social-Emotional Learning Surveys. Prepared by Panorama Education