Academic Success

Academic Success

We believe that every student can learn and achieve at high levels, and it is our responsibility to help each student learn, grow and be challenged. Our commitment to success for every student is rooted in the ideals of opportunity, equity and inclusion.

School closures, remote learning and the return to in-person instruction due to COVID during the 2020-21 school year, required that we make significant, periodic changes to how we provided instruction in the area of academics. Some of the efforts for 2020-21 in the area of Academic Success to support students included:

  • Developed and implemented models for fully remote and hybrid academic instruction 
  • Developed and provided training to all teachers on remote and hybrid academic instruction
  • Adjusted the middle and high school grading systems to reflect the impact of COVID on students’ academic experiences
  • Began implementation of new K-5 math curriculum
  • Implemented new math and literacy screening and progress monitoring assessments in grades K-8
  • Continued planning for the creation of more inclusive schools for students with disabilities. This included partnering with the University of Minnesota TIES Center and University of Washington Haring Center, and developing professional learning resources in the area of Universal Design for Learning with CAST (a nonprofit education research and development organization that created the Universal Design for Learning framework and UDL Guidelines).
  • Provided in-person instruction to students with disabilities throughout the year. Lake Washington was the first district in the region to provide in-person instruction to students with disabilities.
  • Developed instructional models to provide the most in-person instructional time of districts in the Puget Sound region as students returned to school in the spring, and more instructional time than was required by the state.

Note: On March 17, 2020, Governor Inslee announced the closures of school facilities to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result, some data is unavailable from past years, including 2020-21 assessment data.

On-time graduation rate 2020

94.4% on-time graduation rate in 2020