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Lake Washington School District
Stella Schola Middle School
13505 N.E. 75th St., Redmond, WA 98052 | 425 936-2475
Stella Schola Middle School
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Welcome to Stella Schola Middle School!

Stella Schola is a public middle school, offering a rich, classical learning environment based on historical themes.

The emphasis at Stella Schola is on mastery learning for all students. By enriching and integrating the subjects into the year-long historical themes, students learn from the past to make better choices and decisions in the future.

~ Mrs. Tennis, Headmistress

Principal | Erin Bowser



...I like the way the teachers challenge us and how they really care about our growth as   students and as a whole person!   ~  Matthew

... this is the best concept that has come along! The teachers are dedicated & understand the value of the arts and classical education.   ~ Parent 

(Fencing occurs in the 7th Grade)

I enjoyed fencing a lot. It was interesting and indubitably fun! I learned that what I see in the movies isn't always real. There are different attacks, but you can always choose to parry or to retreat. I guess life is like that too ... if you have a tough task to do, you should take initiative. If things get tough, you can always parry or retreat, but you should at least try   ~ Kevin


























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This year I thought I'd have to write until my hand fell off, but it was worth it because now I believe I write very well! I cannot believe that I am the same person I was back in September! I have branched out, become less judgmental, made new friends, and learned too much to possibly describe here!    ~ Calli


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7:45am - 2:15pm (doors open at 7:30am)
7:45am - 12:45pm (Wednesdays)

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I have learned that school is fantastic! I used to hate school but now I look forward to every, single day! There is always something exciting happening here! For example, in history (which I used to hate, but don’t any more) we have learned so many interesting facts about the people … not just dates, but about the way people lived and died. It is so interesting that now I want to be a history major in college!