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ASB Clubs and Organizations
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RHS Clubs and Activities
Watch for the Latest Club News at the Bottom of This Page

 RHS Clubs and Activities

Animal Club
Ms. Kunkler
Art Club
Mr. Okun
Book Club
Mr. Garrity
Chem Club
Ms. Zornes
Chess Club
Mr. Hart
Mr. Rowley
Chinese Club
Ms. Shadley
Ms. Brady
Mr. Bunnel
Drama Board
Ms. Doty
Dungeons and Dragon
Mr. Schnierer
Environmental Club
Ms. Robinson
French Club
Ms. Maxwell
Games Club
Mr. Wiebe
Gay Straight Alliance
Mr. Garrity
Japan Club
Ms. Kuyper
Key Club
Ms. Mason Schaeffer
Knowledge bowl
Ms. Badger
Latinos Unidos
Ms. Gutierrez
Math club
Ms. Ilac
Model UN
Mr. McDonald
Multicultural Club
National Honor Society
Ms. Iliescu
Ms. Ewing
Photography Clun
Mrs. Swain
Pink Ribbon Club
Mrs. Snyder
Random Acts of Kindness
Mr. Rowley
Relay For Life
Science Olympiad
Ms. Chambers
Speech and Debate
Mr. Thornsberry
Team HBV
Mrs. Zornes
Teen Link Club
Ms. Ilac
The Blaze (Newspaper)
Ms. Badger
Mr. McDonald
Video Production Club
Mr. Trimble


 Latest News

Student Council Meeting Dates for 2015:
2/2 - 3/12 - 4/16 - 5/7 - 6/4
The bell schedule for those dat
es is posted on the right hand side of this page.

Want to Join a club or Interest Group?

Great! Start here:

1. Decide which ones you want to join, and take a look at your schedule! Make sure you have transportation home as we do not offer an activity bus.

2. If you plan to join a club, please make sure you have purchased your ASB card

3. If you plan to join an interest group, then just show up to the meetings (no ASB needed!)

4. At any time during the school year, you are welcome to join a club or interest group. Just show up to a meeting! Also, feel free to speak with the advisers, the presidents and Shail Aamir our ASB Clubs Coordinator.

 Have fun!

Interest Groups vs Clubs!

Interest Groups

Want to get together with some friends and talk about something you are all interested in? Don’t want to take minutes and fundraise? Then Interest Groups are for you!

An interest group at Redmond High School is simply when you and your friends can meet in a teachers room and talk about something you are all interested in. This can be a Game Board Club, an XBOX club, or a Knitting Club! Anything counts.

The Difference Between Clubs and Interest Groups


. Need to be ASB approved at a Student Council meeting

. Must take minutes at meetings if you are fundraising

. Everyone in the club must be an ASB member

. An advisor is required

. Must have current and approved constitution on file with Clubs Coordinator

Interest Groups:

. An advisor is required

. Email Ms. duNann with the advisor name and meeting time

. No fundraising

. No use of ASB supplies (paper, paints, ect.)

. No constitution needs to be on file, however, approval via student council is required

If you wish to start an Interest Group, email Ms. duNann ( and your ASB Clubs Coordinator to get your Interest Group on the list!


The Process for starting a club or interest group:

The process:

  1. Look on the RHS website and the RHS ASB Haiku page for info about clubs or interest groups and decide which one is more appropriate.
  2. Find and advisor that is willing to host meetings and attend events (if applicable).
  3. Agree on a meeting time and location.
  4. Write a constitution (if forming a club).
  5. Provide all information to Ms. duNann and Shail Aamir (ASB clubs coordinator- prior to: the following month student council meeting for feedback 
  6. Obtain a list of 10 other RHS students that would join the club (ensure all have ASB cards if forming a club)
  7. Present at the student council meeting for the quorum to decide whether to approve the club/interest group.


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