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Lakeview Science Fair
Science Enrichment


This is an opportunity for students to explore the world around us and share that information with others. Science projects are displayed during the day and evening for viewing. Open to all grades.

Science Fair Schedule 
Date: Thursday, April 18, 2013
Location: Lakeview Elementary School Gym & Commons
Set-up 1:45 - 2:30 pm
Classrooms visit exhibition 2:30 – 3:30 pm
Science Fair 5:00 - 7:00 pm
Take down posters 7:00 - 7:15 pm
Students will store their posters/materials in classrooms till setup time. Between 1:45-2:30 pm, students will be called down to the Commons. There will be volunteers ready to help students set up their displays. Starting at 2:30 pm, students are expected to stand by their project and discuss work with visiting Lakeview classes.
Students will return at 5:00 pm to present to family, friends and judges. They are not expected to stand by their projects for the duration of the Fair – breaks will be given to explore the many other projects being displayed.
How to fill out the Registration Form
Filling in the registration form is necessary to get feedback on your project. Once completed, your form can be handed in to your teacher or the front desk or emailed to us at They must be submitted by April 4th to be entered into the Science Fair. Forms will be available in the flier slot box in the school entry, or here. The PTSA has purchased a limited number of presentation backboards which will be provided to students on a first come, first served basis, please register as soon as possible. If we run out of backboards, you will need to buy your own.

Students in third grade will participate in the Science Fair as part of a long-term homework assignment and will be registered by their teacher. 

Fill out your form using the guidelines below.
AFTER you have researched your topic; What questions do you have about your topic? What do you want to know?

Identify a Problem or Question
Ask a testable question - limit your question to one that you can answer by varying one or more variables.

Some examples of Questions:

Sport stacking is a sport where participants stack and un-stack plastic cups in a specific sequence. I would like to find out who would be better at this sport, individuals that are left-handed, right-handed or ambidextrous.

The Mozart effect is the theory that Mozart’s music can raise IQ scores, cut learning time, improve creativity, heal the body faster, etc. Some people think that rock or country music would work better than classical. My project will test whether different types of music will get a hamster to run faster through a maze.

Optional - State the Plan or purpose of your experiment - What are you trying to find out? Select the variable (something you will change/vary) that will help you find your answer.

Put different words in these blanks...

What is the effect of ____________ on the_______________________?
detergent ____________ germination of seeds
temperature ____________ volume of air

How/to what extent does _____________affect ___________________?
humidity ____________ growth of fungi
the color of a material ____________ its absorption of heat

Which/what __________________ (verb) __________________?
foods ____________ do ____________ gerbils prefer
rocks ____________ can be found ____________ in Kirkland?
ratio of vinegar/baking soda ____________ produces____________ the best chemical volcano eruption?

State your Prediction or Hypothesis. What do you think you will find when you answer your question? Guess at what will happen. You have educated yourself on the topic and by now you should be able to make a guess at the answer based on your learning. This is also called an "Educated Guess".

I believe that Palmolive will make the best bubbles because I have to wash longer than with other dishwashing liquids to remove the soap from my hands.

I predict that nylon will dry faster than cotton or polyester. Polyester looks and feels thinnest. Because of its thinness, less water will be absorbed. Thus, less water would need to evaporate. Also cotton, which appears to be the thickest material, would absorbs more water and take a longer time to evaporate and dry.

By modifying it’s design to allow more movement, either by placing the catapult on wheels or by using less rigid materials for the lever, a trebuchet can be made that throws projectiles further.

Choosing your topic is the most important aspect of your project. Choose something that you are truly interested in learning more about.

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 Science Fair News

  • Help Wanted
    On the day of the event: Setting up/cleaning up (5-10) Bake sale (5-6) Organizing students (4) Mentors/Judges (20)
  • Prizes are back! Email us with prize ideas.
    As in previous years, there will be prizes at the Science Fair. All participants with poster presentations of their project or invention will be given a ticket for a random drawing of prizes.
  • Interested in going to the WSSEF?
    Those students who are interested in presenting at the 2013 Washington State Science and Engineering Fair should look at their website before starting their projects. The state science fair has specific requirements (e.g. journal, abstract submission) and regulations. Familiarize yourselves with the judges criteria for a successful science fair project!