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Inglewood Middle School > Library > Classroom Links > 9th Grade Science: Washington Geology Webquest
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Washington State Geology Webquest

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Washington geologic Webquest 2012.docx

Earth Science Project Rubric.docx

Washington geologic Project 2012.doc

Use the suggested sites to find out information about the geology of Washington State and the Puget Sound. 


HISTORY: (13pts) Briefly describe (the last 200 Million years to the present) the geological history of Washington.

1)     What happened to the North American Plate 200 million years ago? (1 pt) Site 1: Burke Museum 

2)      List the 4 major episodes with approximate dates. Use your own words! Site 1: Burke Museum

 3)      GLACIATION: (9pts) For the following lakes, explain how, when, and what glacier formed them: Puget Sound, Lake Washington, Lake Sammamish. Site 1: Issaquah  Site 2: Puget Soundkeeper Alliance Site 3: King County Information

 4)     COLUMBIA RIVER BASALT FLOWS: (2pts) Explain the formation of the landform. Site 1: Burke Museum,  Site 2: USGS  Site 3: Columbia River Basalts

 5)     CHANNELED SCABLANDS: (2pts) Explain the formation of the landform. Site 1: Burke Museum,  Site 2: USGS  Site 3: Columbia River Basalts Site 4: Scablands

 6)     FAULT LINE: (1pts) Describe the Seattle Fault in Washington. Site 1: Burke Museum,  Site 2: USGS Earthquakes Site 3: University of Washington

 7)     VOLCANOES: (11 pts)   Define the following terms. Site 1: USGS Volcanoes, Site 2: Burke Museum


In your own words!  Describe 2 major volcanoes in Washington State.

 8)     MOUNTAIN RANGES: (4 pts) Find two mountain ranges and find the following information for each:

Site 1: Burke Museum Site 2: Interactive Map

 9)     SKETCH: (8pt) Make a sketch of your model using the following websites (and any other you may find) to guide you.  Be sure to include the entire state of Washington and the following features and landforms.

a.      Juan De Fuca Subduction Zone

b.      Oceanic Continental Convergence Zone

 ·        Tectonic plates & plate boundary types

·        Direction of plate movement

·        Mountain ranges & Volcanoes

·        Puget Sound, Lake Sammamish, Lake Washington

·        Scablands

·        Columbia Plateau Basalt Flows

·        Seattle fault line

·        Pacific Ocean, Trench, Sea floor spreading