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8th Grade LA/SS: Vietnam War
Complete a webquest to understand the Vietnam War.

The Vietnam War was a frustrating and conflictual period of American history. Use the websites below to complete your research on the Vietnam War. During this webquest, you will:

  • Complete a map of Southeast Asia
  • Read about the history of Vietnam
  • Research background information about important evetns and people in the Vietnam War
  • Read about U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War

I and II: Complete a map of Southeast Asia. Note major cities and countries. Use World Geography to find a a topographical map of Vietnam. It will list the countries and cities you are looking for.

III: Background information of the Conflict. Use the following websites to find information:

IV: Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. Read the Resolution here.

V: U.S. Involvement. Use the following websites to find information: (you may need to look at a couple of different eras to get the information you need)

VI: Domestic Reaction. Use your own research skills to find information about the topics you were given. Stuck on where to start? Try one of the LWSD databases.