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400 228th Ave. N.E., Sammamish, WA 98074 | 425 936-1500
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Eastlake High School Community Service Program







Earn this Community Service Graduation Cord by completing 200 hours of community service.


 WHAT is the EHS Community Service Program

A way for students to verify, track, combine, and be recognized for all of their community service hours, across all EHS clubs and activities as well as individual service in the school and community.
*Key Club keeps track of all documented hours of community service.
*Clubs that require community service send their hours to Key Club.
*You can also send in your own individual hours.
*Download and complete the EHS Community Service form. Bring it to Mr. Ward (D229).
*To check your total hours you can email
WHY should you participate in the Community Service Program? Community Service is one great way to be Wolf Strong Pack Strong as a member of a club, group, team, or as an individual student. 
*To better connect with our school and community
*Community Service Honor Cord and recognition- 200 hours
*Earn High School Community Service credit
* Verified hours help with college essays and letters of recommendation
*Wolf of the Month and Service Spotlights - Click here to see Spotlight award winners.
*Learn more about yourself, have fun, and make a difference in the world!
What is the significance of the Community Service Honor Cord?

The Honor Cord demonstrates that the student made community service a priority during his or her high school career. Community service can help people learn more about what they like and what they don't like.
Students can get valuable experience. Colleges and employers are looking for people who live with passion and commitment. Community service can help a student develop leadership skills, and build a professional network. Community service shows potential employers that a person is committed to working hard as well as working for the common good. Universities and employers choose people who have a vision for their lives and who want to make a positive impact in the world. University application forms ask whether the student participated in community service and also for how many hours. Community service looks good on a resume and it can help a counselor or teacher write a letter of recommendation. The Honor Cord is a visible and tangible demonstration that  Eastlake High School values community service.

WHO can participate?
ALL EHS students, grades 9-12. Hours are cumulative over 4 years of High School.
Eastlake High School has many groups, teams, and clubs that value community service including:
Environmental Club
French Honor Society
Interact (affiliated with Rotary)
Key Club (affiliated with Kiwanis)
Latinos Unidos
All of the Honor Societies
High Schools Against Cancer
Days for Girls
Kids Core
Random Acts of Kindness
 Click HERE for local community service organizations listed by area of interest to find something you will enjoy. Many of these organizations attend our Fall Community Service Fair.
HOW can the EHS Community Service Program be utilized for college, scholarship, and job applications, resumes, etc.?
  1. Access to a verified list of your service hours- contact Key Club if you need your number of hours
  2. Opportunity to win Eastlake-specific awards
  3. Ability to list Service Awards on your resume or college application. 
    • Note that if you want to list this award on your college applications, you should plan to have hours turned in by early Fall of your senior year. 
All students who complete at least 50 service hours will receive an award.  Award winner lists will be published on this website in fall before college application deadlines, and spring before graduation.
50-100 hour Community Service Award
101-150 hour Community Service Award
151-200 hour Community Service Award
200+ hour Community Service Award- graduation honor cord!
Community Service Award list click here.
Also check the Counseling & Career Center Powerschool webpage for lots of additional ideas for Volunteering!
Contact PTSA Community Service Chair with general program questions, or to spread the word about service needed, or share a service story we could spotlight.

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​Eastlake High School does not sponsor, endorse, or recommend any of the organizations, services, or activities described.  Eastlake High School shall be held harmless from any causes of action filed in any court or administrative tribunal arising out of the distribution of these materials, including all costs, attorney's fees, judgments, or awards.


 Upcoming Service Opportunities

Click here for local community service organizations listed by area of interest to find something you will enjoy.

 Ongoing Service Opportunities


Service Clearinghouse: Pick what you want when you want!

Volunteer for the City of Sammamish

Talk Time volunteer at Sammamish Library to help with English practice on Thursdays from 7-8:30.  Questions? Contact Amanda Hirst.

Eastlake PTSA Student Baking Team: provide homemade baked goods for PTSA events

Eastlake PTSA Student Staff Appreciation Team: cooking /baking to recognize EHS staff

EHS Composting Program: Hours can be counted as in school or out of school community service, or as an event.  During lunch so you don't have to worry about scheduling!

Athletes for Kids: Serves 1st through 9th graders who have special needs and disabilities of all kinds. We carefully match each child with a qualified high school athlete who commits to working with their "buddy" for 1-3 years.

CoderDoJo: Programming Club at Sammamish Library needs student volunteers who can code or want to strengthen coding skills.