School Closures and Late Starts

When emergency conditions such as snow and ice, windstorms or earthquakes result in school schedule changes, the district will use one of the plans outlined below. Want to know how the decision to close schools or hold a late start is made? Go to the School Closure Decisions page.

Schools Closed

The following are canceled:

  • School
  • Extended Day program
  • All before or after school activities
  • All activities including athletic events and parent meetings

Late Start

All schools start two hours late. The following are canceled:

  • Quest pull-out classes
  • Morning kindergarten
  • Before school programs
  • All preschool sessions
  • Out-of-district transportation

Dismissals are at regular times unless otherwise announced.


By 5:30 a.m., you will be able to learn which plan is in place.

  • Go to and look for the alert.
  • Go to, which lists schools all over the Puget Sound area. You can sign up to get text alerts or emails from this service as well.
  • Call the main district telephone number (425-936-1200) to listen to a message, or
  • Tune in to area radio and television.

In addition, LWSD will use the SchoolMessenger automated calling system to let parents know if school will be delayed or cancelled. Calls will begin at 6 a.m. You will not receive a call if school will open normally. If you want to double-check the status or learn it early, use one of the options listed above.

Transportation during emergencies

Alternate bus routes - snow routes

If there is snow and schools remains open or start late, the transportation department may decide to use snow routes. These routes enable buses to eliminate short sections of their routes that may be unsafe in snow or icy conditions. Parents always have the option to keep their student home if they believe it is unsafe. Postcards are sent to families of bus riders in November with information on your snow route bus stop.


In case of a major earthquake while students are on a school bus, drivers will receive specific instructions via radio. If they are going to school, drivers will continue to pick up students on their routes and deliver them to school. If roads limit travel, students will be transported to the nearest school. If a quake hits when buses are transporting children home from school, drivers will return to the school they came from or to the closest school. Children will stay at school until parents or designees arrive. Call your school for more information about its earthquake plan.