Seahawk Blitz joins the Muir Elementary Turkey Trot

It was all smiles and high fives at John Muir Elementary when the Seahawk Blitz joined students at the 17th Annual Turkey Trot. This event took place during lunch recesses and promotes the importance of physical fitness and activity.



Human Resources

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The LWSD human resources (HR) department develops and executes the processes, policies and programs used by the district to recruit, hire and retain highly effective personnel. The department ensures positive and collaborative employee and labor relations, as well as efficient and effective HR operations aligned with district goals and objectives. HR is responsible for certificated, classified and substitute recruitment and hiring, as well as compliance with all legal and contractual matters pertaining to employment.

Staff Portal

Current employees should visit the staff portal to access important information about your benefits, your paycheck, time off and more.

Salary Schedules


Agreements and Policies

Select a tab below to review Employee Group Agreements, Affirmative Action Policy and Personnel Policies.

Employee Group Agreements

Current agreements between Lake Washington School District No. 414 and employee bargaining units:

Affirmative Action Policy

It is the purpose of the Affirmative Action Plan of Lake Washington School District to further develop and maintain an equal employment opportunity policy providing equal employment opportunities for all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, veteran status (Vietnam era or disabled veterans), or the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability, and to promote diversity in the district’s work force.

Personnel Policies

This section covers personnel policies in three main subdivisions. The first presents policy topics that pertain to all employees. The second section focuses on policies that pertain to professional personnel, including administrators, who must hold educational certification by the state to serve in their positions. The last section is for policies pertaining to all other personnel.

Contact Us

Pat Fowler-Fung
Director, Human Resources

Certificated Staff
Bill Rosen
Associate Director, Human Resources

Classified Staff
Jerred Kelly
Associate Director, Human Resources

Recruitment and Talent
Emily Young
Associate Director, Human Resources

How to Apply

Apply today to be considered for positions in the Lake Washington School District. Here are a few tips on completing the application:

  • Applications are complete when all required data is entered and all confidential reference forms have been returned.
  • When you complete your application, be sure to attach a specific or general job posting under the “Applied Jobs” tab.
  • You may return to update your application, attach new job openings, add attachments, or view your application at any time.

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