If you live in Lake Washington School District (LWSD) and your child will be five years old on or before August 31, 2018, it is time to register them for Kindergarten. Registration takes place at your neighborhood school.

LWSD holds an open enrollment period once each year for parents who want their children to attend a school other than their neighborhood school. Parents may apply between February 1-28 for a change to the school assignment for the 2018-19 school year for students in grades 1-12.



STEM & Health Science Program

Careers in this pathway are related to technologies necessary to design, develop, install, and maintain physical systems, and the promotion of health and treatment of disease. These include:

  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Fitness
  • Manufacturing
  • Medicine and mental health
  • Nutrition
  • Service-related technologies
  • Therapy and rehabilitation

LWHS student drills through wood in Materials Science classIs this Pathway for you?

  • Are you curious about how systems/things work?
  • Do you like taking time to work through a problem?
  • Do you spend time taking things apart and putting them back together?
  • Do you enjoy creating, inventing or imagining new and different ways to do different things?
  • Are you interested in how things work?
  • Do you wonder how things are made?
  • Do you like to use math/science skills to build things or solve problems?
  • Are you interested in finding a better way to do things?
  • Do you get satisfaction from helping people?

Program Information

LWSD Elective Recommendations

Middle School Courses:

  • Engineering & Technology Pathway
    • Sustainable Design
    • Sustainable Material Science
    • Robotics and Automation
  • Science & Mathematics Pathway
    • General Technology
    • SciMaTech
    • Technology Foundations
    • STEM Technology Foundations
    • Gateway to Technology: Design & Modeling
  • Construction Pathway
    • Woodworking

High School Courses:

  • Engineering & Technology Pathway
    • Sustainability & Environmental Engineering
    • Sustainable Design
    • Robotics
    • DigiPen Robotics & Future Technologies (WANIC)
    • Engineering & Design (WANIC)
    • Architect Drawing*
    • Architectural & Engineering Design (WANIC)
    • Construction/Woodworking Trades (WANIC)
  • Therapeutic Services Pathway
    • Sports Medicine*
    • Dental Careers (WANIC,)
    • Health Science Careers/Nursing (WANIC)
    • Medical Careers (WANIC)
    • Sports Medicine (WANIC)
  • Biotechnology Research & Development Pathway
    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Biotechnology*
    • STEM Biotech
    • Health Science Careers (WANIC)
  • Science & Mathematics Pathway
    • Computer Science & Engineering*
    • Engineering Design & Development
    • Engineering Design 1* & 2
    • Material Science*
    • Principles of Engineering*
  • Manufacturing Production Process Development Pathway
    • Mechanical Engineering*
    • Composite Engineering & Manufacturing (WANIC)
    • Welding Technology, Design & Fabrication (WANIC)
* These Courses qualify for CTE Dual Credit

Connecting Career Pathways through Student Leadership

CTSO Options

  • HOSA
  • TSA

Local Leadership Opportunities

  • Biotech Expo
  • CSR Science & Engineering Fair
  • Environmental Club
  • Imagine Tomorrow
  • Insights to Engineering & Manufacturing Night
  • Robotics Clubs
  • Schools Under 2°C
  • Science Bowl
  • Teen CEO

    Possible Careers to Explore

    • Architect
    • Biologist
    • Chemist
    • Dentist
    • Engineer: Aerospace, Industrial, Biotechnical, Chemical, Marine, Materials, Civil, Petroleum
    • Engineering Manager
    • Hospital Administrator
    • Nurse
    • Nutritionist or Dietician
    • Physician
    • Technical Writer
    • And more

    STEM & Health Science Program of Study by High School

    CTE Program logo: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

    CTE Program logo: Health Science

    CTE Program logo: Architecture & Construction

    CTE Program logo: Manufacturing

    CTE Program logo: Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources