If you live in Lake Washington School District (LWSD) and your child will be five years old on or before August 31, 2018, it is time to register them for Kindergarten. Registration takes place at your neighborhood school.

LWSD holds an open enrollment period once each year for parents who want their children to attend a school other than their neighborhood school. Parents may apply between February 1-28 for a change to the school assignment for the 2018-19 school year for students in grades 1-12.



Human Services Program

Careers in this program are related to family and consumer services. This includes:

  • Counseling/mental health
  • Early childhood development
  • Personal care
  • Lodging
  • Recreation
  • Amusement/attractions
  • Travel and tourism
  • Teaching/training
  • Restaurant and food/beverage
  • Administration
  • Support services

JHS student reads to elementary school studentsIs this Pathway for you?

  • Are you open-minded when helping others solve problems?
  • Are you self-motivated?
  • Are you interested in helping others?
  • Are you compassionate and empathetic?
  • Do you have a desire for a career in public service?
  • Do you have a desire to understand and implement systems?
  • Do you have an interest in human development and behavior?
  • Do you have a desire to provide justice?

Program Information

LWSD Elective Recommendations

  • Consumer Services Pathway
    • Consumer Life Skills
    • Independent Living
  • Early Childhood Development & Services Pathway
    • Child Development*
    • Child Lab*
    • Child Psychology*
    • Dual Life Skills
  • Family & Community Services Pathway
    • AP® Psychology
    • Psychology
  • Health Informatics Pathway
    • Family Health Education
    • Health*
  • Professional Support Services Pathway
    • American Sign Language*
    • American Sign Language (WANIC)
    • Teaching Academy (WANIC)

  • Recreation, Amusements & Attractions Pathway
    • Event Planning, Hospitality, & Tourism (WANIC)
    • Leadership
  • Restaurants & Food/Beverage Services Pathway
    • Exploring Foods
    • Foods
    • Foods & Culinary Foundations
    • International Foods
    • Culinary Arts*
    • Culinary Arts/Catering*
    • Foods: Farm to Table
    • Gourmet Foods
    • International Foods
    • Prostart
    • Bakery & Pastry Arts (WANIC)
    • Culinary Arts (WANIC)
  • Therapeutic Services Pathway
    • Food Science*
  • Visual Arts Career Pathway
    • Interior Design
* These Courses qualify for CTE Dual Credit

Connecting Career Pathways through Student Leadership

CTSO Options

  • HOSA
  • TSA

Local Leadership Opportunities

  • ASL National Honor Society
  • Culinary Competitions
  • Farmer's Markets
  • Garden Club
  • Healthcare Career Nights
  • Imagine Tomorrow
  • Knowledge Bowl
  • Teen CEO

    Possible Careers to Explore

    • Child, family or school social worker
    • Consumer credit counselor
    • Consumer goods/services retailing representative/buyer
    • Cosmetologist, hairdresser or hairstylist
    • Director of childcare facility
    • Leisure activities counselor
    • Parent educator
    • Personal financial advisor
    • Personal or home care aide
    • Preschool teacher
    • Nutritionist or Dietician
    • Recreation worker
    • School counselor
    • Sociologist
    • Social services worker
    • Teacher
    • And more

    Health Services Program of Study by High School

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