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Walking and Biking to School
​For families who want to take a healthy route to school

Walking and bicycling can be a great way to get to school. Students get exercise. Traffic around school may be reduced. And fewer cars can help the environment.

Before you start, it’s important to make sure the route your student(s) take to walk or bike to school are appropriate. The district’s Safety Advisory Committee asked a subcommittee to review suggested walk routes to the district’s elementary schools. That group worked with traffic and pedestrian safety experts as well as a GIS consultant to develop GIS maps of updated walk routes. Schools reviewed the maps and provided feedback. These maps are now being posted, below, as they are completed.

The same group also worked on a new policy concerning walking and riding bikes to school. This policy replaces individual school rules for when students can ride bikes to school. The policy includes bicycle riding guidelines consistent with Washington State School Walk and Bike Routes: A Guide for Planning and Improving Walk and Bike to School Options for Students. These guidelines take into account childhood development as it relates to pedestrian and bicycle skills.

Suggested Walk Routes
Alcott Elementary McAuliffe Elementary
Audubon Elementary Mead Elementary
Bell Elementary​ Muir Elementary
Blackwell Elementary Redmond Elementary
Carson Elementary Rockwell Elementary
Dickinson Elementary Rosa Parks Elementary
Einstein Elementary Rose Hill Elementary​
Franklin Elementary Rush Elementary​​
Frost Elementary Sandburg Elementary
Juanita Elementary Smith Elementary
Keller Elementary Thoreau Elementary​​
Kirk Elementary Twain Elementary
Lakeview Elementary Wilder Elementary
Mann Elementary








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