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enVision MATH

The enVisionMATH program offers a digital, interactive environment that parallels the print materials

One of the many features of our newly-adopted K-5 enVision MathATH program is the ability to help your child at home with Math. The enVision MATH program provides a website with resources for the materials the students are using in the classroom. On December 1st, students will have online access to these resources. When your student logs on to this website from home, you will be able to see what your student is working on. As you and your student share the website, you will have the resources to help your student with Math as needed.

How to help your student access enVisionMATH so you can share the enVisionMATH resources at home.
This document is intended to guide students and parents through the digital features of the enVisionMATH website with screen shots and directions for getting around.
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