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Shapes of Algebra
Linear inequalities, systems of equations

The final unit of eighth grade CMP Algebra capitalizes on the strong connections between algebra and geometry to extend students’ understanding and skill in preparation for Geometry and Advanced Algebra. Students will work with equations for lines and curves. They will develop an understanding of how systems of equations and inequalities can help solve problems.

Students extend their earlier work in algebra and geometry by making connections between them. For example, students connect the idea of the Pythagorean Theorem to the coordinate equation for a circle, and connect properties of polygons to slopes of lines.

A student who has successfully completed eighth grade CMP has completed the same material as Algebra I and will be placed in Geometry as his or her next math course.

For an in-depth explanation of unit goals, specific questions to ask your student and examples of core concepts from the unit, go to Shapes of Algebra.

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