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Student Health
Keep the school up-to-date on important health information about your child


Every two years, school districts around the state survey students in grades six, eight, ten, and twelve around a wide variety of health topics. The 2014 Washington State Healthy Youth Survey data for Lake Washington School District is posted here, with comparisons to statewide data.
There are specific vaccinations that are required by state law before your student can start school. Find out if your child is current on his/her vaccinations.
Names and contact information for nurses at each school.
See what symptoms are serious enough to keep your student home from school.

 More student health information

Many students have mild allergies that don’t need to be reported to the school. Severe allergies must be reported. See how to complete the process.
Important documents for parents/guardians to complete for the safety and protection of all students and staff. Some forms are required and must be completed before the student can start school.
Information about free or reduced cost health services. Links to more information about various health conditions and local clinics and services that can provide assistance.
Parents / guardians of students with life-threatening health conditions, such as diabetes, severe allergies, severe asthma, epilepsy / seizure disorders, and cardiac / heart conditions must notify the school and complete the required paperwork before the student can attend school.
Procedures and required forms for administering medication to students during school.
Find out ways to help your student avoid illness and stay healthy.
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