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Success Stories
Schools that piloted the laptops found that students stayed engaged and organized while boosting creativity. See how history came to life, students experienced how science happens, book reports took on multimedia and more.
Inglewood Middle School teachers Scott Sartorius, Shannon Bleek, and Sharron Leinweber made extensive use of laptops, webcams, and USB temperature probes for their physical, earth, and life science lessons.
At Rose Hill Middle School, Language Arts teacher Jill Berge uses netbooks in the classroom every day. She can demonstrate new tasks and assignments, show students each other’s work on screen, monitor how fast her students are progressing, and then tailor assignments to specific students.
Rose Hill Middle School social studies teacher Claire Lazar transformed her teaching with technology. Her students used individual netbooks to research historical events on Internet databases, synthesize information, and create multimedia projects that illustrate their learning.
At Inglewood Middle School, teacher Kevin Chandler wanted to give his 7th graders more practice solving algebraic equations…but he didn’t want them just doing endless drills. Instead, he wanted them to get instant feedback on their progress, and he wanted to be able to respond quickly to each student’s individual needs.
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