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Introduction to Haiku for LWSD Parents
​Information to help parents start using Haiku

Haiku is a Learning Management System (LMS) chosen by the Lake Washington School District as a digital learning environment for classroom communication and collaboration. Parents may review student class announcements, assignments, and calendars for those classes with Haiku sites. A tour of the Haiku areas open to parents follows.


Haiku is a great tool to help students stay on track with their assignments. Parents of secondary students can view a student’s assignments from multiple classes and help them plan their study and homework time.

Students may collaborate with other students within Haiku discussion boards and WikiProjects. Since collaborative spaces display work from many students, it is not legal for this content to be shared with all parents.

Need help?

Visit the Troubleshooting Haiku for LWSD parents page. ​

Logging in to Haiku
If you have difficulty with the login process for the LWSD Haiku site or need other help with Haiku, please visit Troubleshooting Haiku for LWSD parents.


In general, follow these steps to log in to Haiku:

  • To log in to Haiku, open an Internet browser and go to this URL:
  • Enter your LWSD Parent Access user name in the textbox provided.
  • Enter your LWSD Parent Access password in the textbox provided.
  • If you do not have a Parent Access account, go to: and follow the instructions to obtain an LWSD user name and password.
  • Select the [Enter] button to log in.

      Logging in to Haiku

Navigating Haiku
  • The Haiku home page shows LWSD classes in which your student is (students are) enrolled.
  • There are five main navigation areas:
    1.  Upper menu bar
    Classes area
    Calendar area
    Announcements and Recent Activity
    Lower menu bar
Navigating Haiku

​1. The Upper Menu Bar includes:

  1. [Home] takes you back to the Haiku home page
  2. [My Classes] lists all the classes in which your student is enrolled, if the teacher has activated the class page. Teachers are learning the Haiku system this year and not all teachers have activated their class pages.
  3. [My Account] allows you to enter [User Information] like an email address, so you receive classroom notifications, and [Preferences], which allow you to set how and when notifications are sent.
  4. [Help] provides a link to Haiku tutorials.
  5. [Logout] allows you to log out and leave the Haiku system.
Upper Menu Bar

​2. The Classes Area includes:
  1. [Classes] tab lists academic general education and elective classes that your student(s) is enrolled in.
  2. [Student Sort] drop-down menu allows the selection of which student(s) you want to view.
  3. [Color Selection] drop-down menu allows you to change the color selection for each class.
  4. [Class Sort] allows the class visibility to be turned on or off.
​         Classes Area of Haiku

​3. The Calendar Area is divided into two areas:
  1. The Calendar view highlights days that have scheduled assignments and due dates. Selecting the date will advance the List Calendar view (B) to the corresponding date.
  2. The List Calendar view includes a scroll bar that allows the user to view a list of calendar items for a specific date, including assignment descriptions. Links take the user to the specific teacher class site.
Calendar Area of Haiku
​4. Announcements & Recent Activity includes:
  1. Announcements shows teacher announcements that have been added to Haiku class sites.
  2. Recent Activity shows brief descriptions of content added by teachers, with hyperlinks to extended descriptions.
Announcements & Recent Activity

​5. The Lower Menu bar includes:
  1. [Go] button directs users to [My Portal] or [My Account] locations.
  2. [People] button allows a search for your children and their teachers.
  3. [Classes] button allows a search for the classes your children are enrolled in.
Lower Menu Bar

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