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Troubleshooting Haiku for LWSD Parents
​Troubleshooting tips and FAQs
Accessing Haiku is a simple process if you have a district username and password, used to get into the Parent Access site from the district web page. (If you do not yet have a username and password, see below for instructions.) Just go to the LWSD Haiku login page at:, and use your LWSD username and password. There may be instances where you cannot log in to Haiku or you run into other issues.  Listed below are some common problems and their solutions.
I can’t log in. I don’t have an LWSD username and password. How do I get one?
Please follow the steps listed below:
  1. Go to the Lake Washington School District website at
  2. Select the [For Parents] tab. This will take you to the LWSD Parent Access Page.
  3. Select the [New User] hyperlink to register for LWSD login credentials. Please fill in the information. You will then receive your LWSD username and password. You will use this same username and password for logging into Haiku.

Trouble logging in: need user name and password, image 1

Trouble logging in: need user name and password, image 2

I can’t log in. I may have forgotten my username and password, or I need to create a new password. How do I do that?
Please follow the steps listed below:
  1. Go to the Lake Washington School District web site at
  2. Select the down-arrow on the [For Parents] tab. This will expand a drop-down menu.
  3. Select the [Parent Access] option. This will take you to the LWSD Parent Access Page.
  4. If you forgot your Parent Access username or password, or would like to create a new Parent Access password, follow the links found in the [Other Parent Access Links] area. You will be directed to provide some information, so you may receive your new password.

If you still have problems obtaining or using your LWSD username and password, contact

Trouble logging in: forgot user name and / or password, image 1


Trouble logging in: forgot user name and / or password, image 2

I’m logged into Haiku and I don’t see my child’s class. How do I locate those class lists?
A list of your child’s classes is located at the upper menu bar, the lower menu bar, and at the left side frame on the splash page. The class lists on the home page is divided into two sections:
  • [My Active Classes] tab lists all the student’s curriculum classes. This list depends on whether the teacher has an active Haiku class site, and whether the teacher has published the pages for student and parent viewing. If you do not see a class that you think should be listed, please contact your child’s teacher and inquire about the status of their Haiku class site.
Locate Class List
I have multiple children in the district. Can I set up the page so I only see the classes for one student at a time?
  • In the class section of the Haiku splash page there is a [Student Sort Drop-down Menu].  Click the menu drop-down arrow and you will get a list of your children.  Select the children that you want to view, and those classes will be selected on the list while all other classes will be grayed out.
  • The class list is also differentiated by checking, or un-checking, the selection box for each class.
See Information for Multiple Children
I am logged in to Haiku but there seems to be something wrong with the site.
If the issue appears to be with the site itself, use the Haiku Help button to get help directly from the Haiku staff.
Haiku Help


Additional Haiku Troubleshooting tips and FAQs for LWSD Parents

I am logged in to Haiku but one of my children does not show up.

When I look at the class sites of my children, I’m not able to gain access to discussion boards, WikiProjects, and other student collaborative work spaces. How do I get access to these areas?
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) set guidelines on what student content may be shared with persons outside the class environment. Student work can only be shared with an individual student’s own parent / guardian. Since these types of collaborative spaces display work produced by many students, it is not legal to share this content with all parents. For a comparison of what students can see versus what their parents can see, please refer to the following chart:

What Students Can See vs. What Parents Can See

Students Can See:​ ​Parents Can See:
Announcements​ All Announcements All Announcements
​Assessments Assessment Description, Questions, Own Question results, Own Assessment Results Assessment Description and Child's Assessment Results
​Assignments ​All Assignments ​All Assignments
​Calendar ​All Events ​All Events
​Comments ​Own Comments and Public Comments ​No Comments
​Discussions ​Discussion Description and Posts in their Discussion ​Discussion Description
​Dropbox ​Assignment Description, Own Posts and Teacher Responses ​Assignment Description
​Pages ​All Pages ​All Pages
​Polls ​All Polls and Public Results ​All Polls and Public Results
​WikiProjects ​WikiProject Description, Own WikiSites and other Shared WikiSites ​WikiProject Description

















How Do I...

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