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The Common Core State Standards:
 New Learning Standards for Students
​Helping students become future ready
During the 2013-14 school year, The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) replaced the former Washington state and Lake Washington School District standards for English language arts and mathematics. Full implementation of the new standards, including new state standardized tests, was completed during the 2014-15 school year.
Prior to the 2013-14 school year, all 50 states had their own set of learning expectations for students. Some expected more of students than others. State standards were difficult to compare to one another, let alone to the educational standards of the rest of the world.
In 2009, the nation’s governors and state school officers convened a group of leading education experts. They asked those experts to develop standards for math and English language arts for students in grades K through 12. The result is the CCSS, which have now been adopted by 45 states, including Washington. These standards describe in detail what students should learn and be able to do in those subjects in each grade from kindergarten through 12th grade.
These standards were written to be rigorous, to prepare students for college readiness and to compete in a global economy. The CCSS reflect the knowledge and skills that young people need to succeed in college and their future career. The standards focus on problem solving and critical thinking skills, and will assist Lake Washington School District in its vision: Every student future ready: prepared for college, prepared for the global workplace and prepared for personal success.
Introducing the Common Core State Standards
This video from the Council of Great City Schools introduces the Common Core State Standards and explains how the standards will help students achieve at high levels.

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Key Features of the Standards - English Language Arts and Literacy
Includes links to parent guides for each grade level

Key Features of the Standards - Mathematics
Includes links to parent guides for each grade level

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 Additional Resources

If you want to go to the source, here is the group that has developed the standards. The complete standards are here.
This organization of urban public school districts has created an extensive website on the CCSS. Their Parent Roadmaps provide specific information on what students will learn at each grade level and how parents can help student learn outside of school.
The Ready Washington coalition, a new group formed by state and local education agencies and associations along with community and education advocacy organizations, has developed materials explaining the Common Core for the public.
National PTA created Parents Guides for Student Success for grades K-8 and one each for English language arts and one for mathematics for grades 9-12. The guides will provide an overview of what your child will learn in each grade in mathematics and in english / language arts / literacy.