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Rosa Parks and Wilder Elementary Schools:
Enrollment Projection and Capacity Summary
​Enrollment projections show where future student growth will come

​As shown in the chart below, student enrollment at Rosa Parks is projected to grow dramatically over the next several years.  If approved by voters, a new school is schedule to open in fall 2016 to accommodate this new enrollment and relieve current enrollment pressures.  In the interim, capacity relief needs to be found in a neighboring school.  Wilder Elementary has additional capacity; therefore the district is developing a temporary change in the boundary between Rosa Parks and Wilder Elementary schools.

Projected enrollment is determined by taking current students, moving them ahead and adding in students from known future developments. Future Kindergarten students are projected based on current enrollment plus or minus the change in King County birth data five years prior.

Enrollment Projection with Current Boundaries
  '12-13 '13-14 '14-15 '15-16
Rosa Parks 795 924 983 1,024
Wilder 347 297 273 243
Total 1,142 1,221 1,256 1,267


The chart below is the “Capacity Summary.” It shows the total number of classrooms currently available compared to the total classrooms that will be needed in each school based on projected enrollment and student-teacher staffing ratios. Shaded areas show when classrooms needed exceed the school’s available classrooms (exceed capacity). Remember that staffing ratios are lower in the lower grades than in the higher grades. More classrooms may be needed for the same number of students if there are more students in lower grades while fewer may be needed if there are more students in the upper grades.

Total available classrooms are determined by taking total classroom space plus existing portables minus spaces needed for music, resource rooms, ELL, etc. Classrooms needed are based on the projected enrollment for 2013-14 through 2015-16.Classrooms needed estimates assume one all-day kindergarten classroom at each school.

Capacity Summary - Current Boundaries
  Classrooms Needed
'12-13 Total
'12-13 '13-14 '14-15 '15-16
Rosa Parks 31 32 36 39 40
Wilder 24 15 13 12 11
Total 55 47 49 51 51
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