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Budgets and Financial Reports
View current and past budget and financial reports
The district's annual budgets, as well as financial reports, are posted here. The budget summary is an effort to provide meaningful financial and budgetary information to the public. It provides background information on the different funds, sources of income, and more. While the same basic financial information available in the district’s official budget is included, the summary provides context and information around those numbers.
The full budget is the district’s official F-195 form filed with the Office for the Superintendent of Public Instruction. For past years, the completed financial report, the official F-196 form filed with the state, is also posted.
The financial report is audited each year by the Washington State Auditor. Annual audit reports are listed below the budget documents for each year. These reports can also be viewed on the Annual Audit Reports page.
If you would like additional information, please call Lake Washington School District’s Public Information Office at (425) 936-1300. We welcome your comments and suggestions concerning this budget at:


Proposed Budget​


Draft Budget Summary | Draft Full Budget (F-195)

June 23 Budget Presentation


Current Budget​


Budget Summary | Full Budget (F-195)


Budget Archive


Budget Summary  |  Full Budget (F-195)

Annual Financial Statements (F-196)


Financial and Federal Audit Report
(Issued May 27, 2014)



(Issued May 28, 2013)
(Issued October 7, 2013)
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