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Special Services Program Review
​A review of Special Education and 504 services

Special Education "Linkage" Session
November 21, 2016
More than 25 parents participated in a “linkage” session on November 21 with the district’s Board of Directors. The purpose of the linkage was for the Board of Directors, superintendent and key district staff to meet with parents of students receiving special services to hear feedback on two areas: (1) the Special Services program review final report and action plan and (2) specific ideas and suggestions for how the district can best address the Parent and Family Engagement aspects of the plan.

Linkage Feedback
Combined Notes - Nov. 21 Linkage Session

Special Services Program Review
September 20, 2016
The Special Services Department has concluded completed the program review which was initiated in April 2015. The final report and action items were presented to the school board during a study session on September 19, 2016. The final report was informed by multiple data sources, including the work of the Urban Special Education Leadership Collaborative; OSPI’s Washington Integrated System of Monitoring (WISM) Desk Review; OSPI’s Consolidated Program Review (CPR); and, stakeholder feedback. Action items were developed for seven priority areas. The program review informed the development of a Special Services Five-Year Action Plan.

The Five-Year Action Plan has action items in the following areas:

  1. Service Delivery Models
  2. Curriculum, Assessment, and Instructional Supports/Assistive Technology
  3. Professional Development
  4. Resources
  5. Policy and Procedures
  6. Interdepartmental Considerations
  7. Parent and Family Engagement


Special Services Program Review
May 28, 2015
The Special Services Department is beginning a program review of Special Education and 504 services. The district initiates periodic reviews for all programs to determine areas of strength and opportunities for growth. The department’s overall purpose is to ensure effective support for students with disabilities.

As part of the process, an outside agency was selected to conduct the review.  The District thoroughly investigated agencies that have successfully conducted program evaluations.  Reference checks with five school districts provided feedback on select agencies. Their goal was to fully understand the partnership, working relationship, and ability to follow through on timelines and expectations. The District selected the Urban Special Education Leadership Collaborative.

The Urban Special Education Leadership Collaborative is a network of special and general education leaders working together to improve outcomes for students with disabilities in the nation’s urban schools.  The Collaborative was founded in 1994. It is a national network of approximately 100 school districts. Its mission is to improve educational outcomes and life opportunities of children and youth with disabilities in urban schools through leadership development.

The Urban Special Education Leadership Collaborative is currently collecting data to assist in developing a process and timeline for the program review. The program review will include research and review of best practices as well as data and file reviews. It will include classroom and program observations, stakeholder interviews and resource assessment.

Timeline of Special Services Program Review:

  • April – May 2015: Preliminary Planning
    • Preliminary discussions with the school district’s leadership team
    • Confirmation and agreement of goals, outcomes, and timeline for review activities
    • Identification of relevant and available documents and data
    • Determination of individuals/groups to be interviewed
  • May September 2015: Data and Document Review
    • Data and document review 
    • Develop interview and focus group protocols
    • Confirm individuals to be interviewed 
    • Develop site visit and interview schedule
  • October 2015: Site Visitation
    • Core Team site visit
    • Conduct professional, parent, and student interviews and focus groups
  • October – December 2015: Report Writing
    • Draft report writing and submit to school district leadership team for review / comment
  • January 2016: Final Report Submission
    • Final report writing and submit to school district leadership team
  • February 2016: Presentation to Board of Directors
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