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Events, awards, and achievements for students and staff in Lake Washington Schools
January 27, 2015 10:13 AM
An “egg-citing” event at Blackwell Elementary

On January 15, a crew of fire fighters from Eastside Fire & Rescue visited Blackwell Elementary to help fifth grade students complete an egg-drop experiment as part of a classroom science lesson. This activity tested students’ hypotheses concerning the best way to keep eggs from cracking when dropped. Fifth-grade teacher Nicole Weible was loaded into the basket and raised 40-50 feet into the air, where she and a fire fighter from Eastside Fire & Rescue dropped various contraptions filled with eggs to the ground below. Watch the video to see how well the students’ contraptions held up.

January 26, 2015 04:10 PM
Rose Hill Elementary School student honored by Redmond Fire Department

In April 2014, Danci Underwood, then a second grader at Rose Hill Elementary, acted quickly in responding to her father’s medical emergency by calling 911. The 911 dispatcher was able to walk her through the process of hands-only CPR while they waited for the first responders to arrive. That CPR is credited with saving her father’s life. On Friday, January 23, Danci was honored by the Redmond Fire Department at a school assembly. Members of the Redmond Fire Department and the 911 dispatcher were on hand to celebrate Danci’s quick-thinking and heroism in calling 911 and following instructions until emergency responders arrived. In April of this year, Danci will be honored by the Red Cross as a “2015 Red Cross Hero” for the youth division for her act of heroism. Congratulations, Danci!


January 22, 2015 10:20 AM
The Seattle Opera comes to Blackwell Elementary
The Seattle Opera comes to Blackwell Elementary tomorrow! The Seattle Opera, as part of their “Opera Goes to School” program, will put on an assembly at Blackwell Elementary tomorrow, January 23. Students in the Blackwell choir have been training with members of the Seattle Opera to prepare for their own part in the performance.

January 16, 2015 04:23 PM
LWHS students win LWSD Culinary Competition for second year in a row
For the second year in a row, Lake Washington High School students Sarah Rose Shuer and Hugo Pontes have won the LWSD Culinary Competition, held on Saturday, January 10. Two schools were represented at the event: Emerson High School and Lake Washington High School, with a total of three teams competing. A Kamiakin Middle School team was also present at the event and made a soup. For the competition, students used a set of ingredients to make an entrée that included a starch, vegetable, and protein. They then had 90 minutes to make two plates. Sarah Rose and Hugo made fried chicken with spinach and arugula risotto with roasted cauliflower and fried leeks. The teams were judged on teamwork, sanitation, knife skills, proper cooking technique, and overall flavor and appearance of their food.

January 12, 2015 01:48 PM
Speech and Debate Clubs bring home individual awards

The Eastlake High School (EHS) and Redmond High School (RHS) Speech and Debate Clubs have completed the first half of their competition schedule this fall. Here are some of the individual awards they have won:

Bear Creek School tournament October 24-25:

  • Alex Ianchenko (RHS, senior, Redmond) won Best Speaker
  • Anders Barzdukas (EHS, junior, Redmond), first place, Novice Oratory
  • Akanksha Bawa (EHS, senior, Sammamish) and Katie Vasquez (EHS, junior, Sammamish), third place, Open Public Forum

Cedar Park Christian School tournament November 7-8:

  • Casey Mauck (EHS, freshman, Redmond), second place, Novice Impromptu 
  • Casey Mauck (EHS, freshman, Redmond), second place, Novice Public Forum
  • Akanksha Bawa (EHS, senior, Sammamish) and Katie Vasquez (EHS, junior, Sammamish), second place, Open Public Forum
  • Anders Barzdukas (EHS, junior, Redmond), second place, Oratory 
  • Amelia Njimoluh (RHS, sophomore, Redmond), second place, Lincoln-Douglas
  • Khushi Chaudhari (RHS, freshman, Redmond) and Rishma Murugan (RHS, freshman, Sammamish), second place, Public Forum
  • Odin Vodruska (EHS, freshman, Sammamish), third place, Novice Impromptu
  • Sydney Flynn (EHS, junior, Redmond) and Jaserah Hannan (EHS, junior, Sammamish), finalists, Open Public Forum
  • Elle Viotto (EHS, junior, Sammamish) and Isabella Viotto (EHS, sophomore, Sammamish), finalists, Open Oratory

Snhomish High School tournament - November 14-15:

  • Andrew Luo (RHS, senior, Redmond), finalist, Lincoln-Douglas
  • Lucy Jiang (RHS freshman, Sammamish), finalist, oratory
  • Nicco Lamanna (RHS, junior, Woodinville) quarter-finalist, Lincoln-Douglas

Tahoma Tournament November 21-22:

  • Othman Erekaini (RHS, senior, Redmond), Qualified for state in Congress 
  • Ryan Bruntz (RHS, junior, Redmond), Top Speaker Award

Auburn-Riverside Tournament December 12-13:

  • Casey Mauk (EHS, freshman, Redmond), first place, Novice SPAR
  • Jennifer Linnenkamp (EHS, sophomore), third place, Novice Impromptu
  • Townsend Rowland (EHS, freshman, Sammamish), fifth place, Open Impromptu
  • Riya Thomas (RHS, freshman, Redmond) and Ianna Zhu (RHS, freshman, Redmond), third place, Novice Public Forum
  • Keenan Ganz (RHS, freshman, Woodinville) made the finals for Novice Congress

Photo: RHS Speech and Debate team at a recent event.

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