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Events, awards, and achievements for students and staff in Lake Washington Schools
February 26, 2015 11:32 AM
Future Chefs create healthy after school snacks at an event sponsored by LWSD Nutrition Services

A total of 108 elementary school students submitted healthy after school snack recipes to Lake Washington School District’s Nutrition Services department for this year’s annual “Future Chefs” competition. The 15 best recipes were selected to participate in the district-wide cook-off event held at Rose Hill Middle School on February 11. Finalists prepared and presented their creations before being judged on five criteria: Health Conscious, Kid-Friendly Preparation, Fun Kid Friendly, Judge’s Choice and Best Table Demonstration.

At the event, each student was paired with an adult mentor. Students receive a Future Chef jacket and hat to wear during the competition and keep. They had two hours to prepare their recipes for sampling and judging during the reception.  When students were done preparing their dish, they created a sample plate, which was garnished by a professional chef before final judging. Judges sampled the recipes and evaluated the top five grand prize winners. Sodexo, the district’s Nutrition Service provider, awarded each student chef a medal, certificate and gift bag with assorted prizes and healthy snacks.  The five grand prize winners each won a new bicycle, helmet and trophy. These five winning recipes will also be forwarded on to the national competition. 

The winners were:

  • Health Conscious: Kelsie Williams, fifth grade, Smith Elementary - Get Up and Go Bars
  • Kid-Friendly Preparation: Grace Lloyd, fifth grade, Juanita Elementary - CCB’s
  • Fun Kid Friendly: Carson Hubbard, fifth grade, Carson Elementary - Sweet & Savory Sushi
  • Judge’s Choice: Simran Sethi, fifth grade, McAuliffe Elementary - Quinoa Rolls
  • Best Table Demonstration: Suzanne Hasan, fourth grade, Sandburg Elementary - Strawberry Mug Cake




February 26, 2015 11:11 AM
Eastlake High School chess team moves on to state

The Eastlake High School chess team won third place in the Kingco Chess League out of 12 other teams. Congratulations to team members Pratik Padhi (freshman, Sammamish), Aravind Sripada (junior, Sammamish), Evangeline Chang (sophomore, Sammamish), Rohan Bhatt (sophomore, Sammamish), Luke Wall (freshman, Sammamish), Robert Santos (sophomore, Sammamish), and Mohamed Ismail (sophomore, Sammamish). Photo: Stockvault

February 25, 2015 01:23 PM
ICS student participating in The Museum of Flight's Washington Aerospace Scholars Program

Samuel Madasu, a junior at International Community School (ICS), is currently participating in Phase One of the Washington Aerospace Scholars (WAS) program. 

WAS is designed to connect high school juniors with educational and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through independent learning, hands-on interaction, professional guidance, and site-based tours.

Samuel applied in fall of 2014, along with 212 student applicants from 112 different public, private, and homeschool organizations, to participate in Phase One of the WAS Program. Samuel is now among the 156 students still participating in an online, distance learning curriculum. Designed by NASA and the University of Washington, the curriculum focuses on the past, present, and future of human space travel. Participating students were able to register to earn five UW credits. 

The top performing 120 students will be invited to one of three Summer Residency sessions hosted by the Museum of Flight in July, Phase Two of the WAS program. In each summer session, four student teams cooperate to plan a human mission to Mars with support from professional engineers / scientists, university students, and certificated educators. Additionally, participants receive briefings from aerospace professionals, tour engineering facilities, and compete in hands-on engineering challenges.

Learn more about the WAS program.

February 25, 2015 08:38 AM
LWSD named a top-performing district for College Bound Scholarship Program sign-ups

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee has named Lake Washington School District (LWSD) one of the top-performing districts in the state in terms of sign-ups for the College Bound Scholarship program. The 2013-14 state average for College Bound Scholarship sign-ups was 89 percent. LWSD’s performance was exemplary at 92 percent, exceeding the state average.

The College Bound Scholarship program encourages students to dream big and pursue a college education. These scholarships provide an opportunity and a pathway for Washington students who might not have considered a postsecondary education to pursue their dreams. The scholarship is available to seventh and eighth grade students whose family income meets the guidelines or who are in foster care. The deadline to sign up is June 30 of the student’s eighth grade year.

“Students in your district have greater opportunities because of your efforts and leadership,” said Governor Inslee in a letter to the district. “I want to commend you, your district team, your district partners, and the hard working teachers, counselors, and building staff who have contributed to your success. Your commitment to your students and to the College Bound Scholarship program is of great service to the students, parents, and community you serve.”

February 24, 2015 04:18 PM
Redmond High School team places 13th in National Math Contest
A team from Redmond High School (RHS) placed 13th in the 2015 Four-by-Four Competition, a national mathematics contest administered by National Assessment & Testing.  Coach Liz Sirjani prepared students for this contest, in which teams of four participated in ten three-minute rounds in which they attempted to answer four questions.  This effectively gives each student three minutes to answer one problem, but the team must also decide who will work each problem and whether their time would be better spent checking one another’s work on easier and more familiar problems or if they should attempt to answer all four questions.
After results from schools across the country were double-checked, the team of Khushi Chaudhari (freshman, Redmond), Lucy Jiang (freshman, Sammamish), Daniel Liu (freshman, Redmond), and Rishma Murugan (freshman, Sammamish), placed fifth in the youngest division, helping their school to place 13th overall among the top schools in the country.  RHS participated in all four of National Assessment & Testing’s contests this year.

February 24, 2015 11:35 AM
Kamiakin Middle School students honored at Breakfast of Champions event

Kamiakin Middle School held its second quarter Breakfast of Champions event on January 20. The students who were recognized at this event have made exceptional improvements in attitude or academics, or always go above and beyond to make Kamiakin a better place. Here is the full list of students who were recognized:

  • Claire Longcore, seventh grade
  • Byron Shaw, eighth grade
  • Gabriel  Garcia, sixth grade
  • Madison  Nguyen, sixth grade
  • Georgina Enciso, eighth grade
  • Samuel Gijon-Hernandez, seventh grade
  • Taylor Peterson, eighth grade
  • Rylan  Barrow, sixth grade
  • Cort Talburt, seventh grade
  • Steven Moon, eighth grade
  • Scout  Watson, sixth grade
  • Osvaldo Arechiga, eighth grade
  • Michael Casper, sixth grade
  • Michelle Rosales, sixth grade
  • Ashley  Hernandez, seventh grade
  • Angel George, sixth grade
  • Michelle Harte, eighth grade
  • Lissa Lee, seventh grade
  • Samir Patel, seventh grade
  • Davini So, eighth grade
  • Aditi Saraf, sixth grade

February 23, 2015 03:13 PM
KiMS students placed fifth in the Washington state Future City regional competition

A team of students from Kirkland Middle School placed fifth at the Washington Future City regional competition, an event designed to foster interest in engineering, math, and science through hands-on, real world applications. The regional competition took place on January 24 at DigiPen. Student involved included Kevin Carlson (seventh grade), John DeVries (sixth grade), Riley Huston (eighth grade), and Alex Kartes (eighth grade).

This event attracted 37 teams from 16 different schools. The format of the competition included five scored elements:

  1. Computer design of a future city
  2. Model of future city
  3. Research essay
  4. Future city narrative
  5. Oral presentation

The first three parts were submitted two weeks before competition day, and then the students brought their model and presentation to the DigiPen Campus in Redmond for public display and judging.

February 23, 2015 08:59 AM
Music students advance to state competition after Northlake Regional Contest

The Northlake Region Solo and Ensemble Contest was held Saturday, February 7, at Redmond High School. The Northlake Region covers all of the Lake Washington and Northshore School District schools and any private schools located within the area served by those districts. LWSD schools had a number of category winners and alternates from participating schools, including: Eastlake High School (EHS), Juanita High School (JHS), Lake Washington High School (LWHS), Redmond High School (RHS), and Tesla STEM High School (STEM).

Each category winner listed below will automatically advance to the state contest in April. First alternates and second alternates are also listed below and may advance depending on space availability. This year, the state contest (for winners in each category) is at Central Washington University in Ellensburg from April 24-25.

Solo Winners                      

  • Abby Bergman, flute-piccolo, JHS, senior, Kirkland
  • Tommy Donahue, euphonium / baritone horn, JHS, freshman, Kirkland
  • Clark Ellis, trombone, JHS, senior, Kirkland
  • Caeli MacLennan, French horn, STEM, junior, Redmond
  • Prajwala Mantha, viola, RHS, junior, Redmond 
  • Thomas Mikkelson, soprano-alto saxophone, JHS, junior, Kirkland
  • Tyra Overby, mezzo soprano, JHS, senior, Kirkland
  • Christopher Potter, string bass, JHS, senior, Kirkland
  • Nick Roels, snare drum, RHS, senior, Redmond 
  • Jonas Rutledge, tenor, LWHS, senior, Kirkland

Solo First Alternates

  • Shaina Ellis, soprano-alto saxophone, JHS, freshman, Kirkland
  • Logan Esterling, oboe-English horn, LWHS, senior, Kirkland
  • Alexander Gilbert, clarinet, LWHS, senior, Kirkland
  • Jenna Oratz, soprano, STEM, junior, Redmond
  • Tyler Roberts, alto-bass clarinet, RHS, junior, Woodinville
  • Oscar Rogers, tenor, EHS, junior, Sammamish
  • Ryan Saathoff, French horn, EHS, sophomore, Sammamish

Solo Second Alternate

  • Sara Anderson, soprano, LWHS, sophomore, Kirkland
  • Jonathan Jovani Azpeitia, alto-bass clarinet, JHS, senior, Kirkland
  • Jake Berreth, flute-piccolo, RHS, freshman, Redmond
  • Kaitie Chan, mezzo soprano, LWHS, freshman, Kirkland
  • Abraham Jonsson, euphonium / baritone horn, RHS, freshman, Redmond
  • Chanson Kuo, violin, RHS, junior, Redmond
  • Siri Mellem, viola, RHS, sophomore, Woodinville
  • Georgia Newman-Taylor, soprano, EHS, junior, Redmond
  • William Ronneburg, trombone, RHS, sophomore, Sammamish

Ensemble Winners

Large Percussion Ensembles:  LWHS Percussion Ensemble (LWHS): Amos Chong (junior), Jacob Lallas (sophomore), Forrest Malcolm (junior), Samantha Nguyen (sophomore), Nicholas Olson (senior), Nick Richins (junior), Brooke Robertson (senior), Jacob Saunderson (sophomore), Benjamin Scholl (junior), and Zackary Whitson (sophomore).

Ensemble First Alternates

Large String Ensembles: RHS Janacek Ensemble (RHS): Jaime Cantwell (sophomore), Grace Chen (sophomore), Christina Chou (sophomore), William Hafner (senior), Kelly Jiang (senior), Chanson Kuo (junior), Erica Li (freshman), Kitty Li (senior), Siri Mellem (sophomore), Katharina Schildt (senior) Mizuki Yabe (sophomore), and Kyungyoon Yoo (junior).

Small String Ensembles: Martinerds (RHS): Tian-ai Aldridge (senior) and Prajwala Mantha (junior).

Ensemble Second Alternate

Small Woodwinds Ensembles: Bassic Pitches (RHS): Tyler Roberts (junior) and Alex Ianchenko (senior).

Mens Vocal Large Ensemble: Men of Lyrica (LWHS ):  Erik Abramson (junior), Will Gear (senior), Collin Hesson (junior), Brandon Hewitt (junior), Max Laycock (sophomore), Kyle McIntyre (junior), Nick Mihas (junior), Louis Norred (sophomore), Uriel Peizer (sophomore), Jonas Rutledge (senior), Robert Webb-McDonough (sophomore), and Joseph Wishart (sophomore).

Mixed Vocal Large Ensembles: Mixed of Lyrica (LWHS): Erik Abramson (junior), Kaitlin Chan (freshman), Will Gear (senior), Mary Getzinger (sophomore), Olivia Heindel (senior), Collin Hesson (junior), Brandon Hewitt (junior), Eliza Ludlam (sophomore), Gabryelle Matz-Carter (sophomore), Nick Mihas (junior), Briana Murillo (senior), Louis Norred (sophomore), Daisy Richardson (junior), Jonas Rutledge (senior), Emma Wehrman (sophomore), and Joseph Wishart (sophomore).

Small String Ensembles: Tchaikatsky (RHS): Kyungyoon Yoo (junior), Christina Chou (sophomore) and Kelly Jiang (senior).


  • EHS:  Chelsee Moe – Band; Andrey Spichak Choir
  • JHS: Mariko Lane – Band; Kimberly Merkley – Orchestra; Lehuanani Pischke Choir
  • LWHS: John Logan – Band; Heidi Menzenberg-Zvilna – Choir & Orchestra
  • RHS: Paula C Ferguson – Orchestra; Andrew Robertson – Band
  • STEM: Matthew Kruse

February 20, 2015 01:57 PM
Juanita Elementary students’ act of community service earns the school a $1,200 grant

Recently, the students in Jessie Miera's second grade class at Juanita Elementary made Valentine's Day cards for the kids at Children's Hospital. Jessie submitted a photo of the cards to #‎12s4good and noted, "We are inspired by the community service of our Seahawks and wanted to share the love." The result? Juanita Elementary won a $1,200 grant!

February 20, 2015 09:10 AM
LWHS students serves as legislative page

Samuel “Sam” Dorsey, a freshman at Lake Washington High School, was selected to be a page for the Washington State Legislature. He served during the fifth week of the program, from February 9-13, 2015. As part of the program, Sam attended “Page School” for two hours a day, and spent the rest of his time assisting legislators. In his reflection, Sam wrote that “successful democracies rely on responsible citizens.” He witnessed a number of different groups that came to the Capitol to speak to important issues, including anti-death penalty groups, Moms Demand Action, Washington farmers, potato farmers, the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and small businesses. “Each person came to Olympia because they wanted to help make a difference in the state,” said Sam. “Although some might not succeed, the dedication they had to make our state better was inspiring.” Learn more about Legislative Page School here.

February 19, 2015 03:02 PM
John Muir Elementary Read-a-Thon a huge success!
The PTSA at John Muir Elementary sponsored a Read-a-Thon from January 9-23. This all-school event celebrated reading, while at the same time raising funds for the PTSA by collecting donations through pledges from family and friends. In total, students read 54,791 minutes (over 913 hours) during the two week event. Students kept a reading log and received pledges from family and friends. Over $5,000 was raised to help fund field trips, family events, and student enrichment programs like choir and drama. Prizes were awarded to all participants. Class parties and bonus recesses were awarded to the classrooms with the most minutes read. Nicholas Kanehen’s fifth grade class turned in the most minutes read and Whitney Tomita’s kindergarten class raised the highest amount of money this year. A number of guest readers also visited the school throughout this event, including Dr. Traci Pierce, LWSD Superintendent, two Kirkland Police officers, and Kingsgate librarian Jennifer Duffy.

February 18, 2015 08:15 AM
Lake Washington High School holds fourth Poetry Slam

​Lake Washington High School's fourth Poetry Slam gave students a forum to express themselves, bringing their written words to life. Students read or recited an original work for their friends, family, and community.




February 12, 2015 12:36 PM
Community Benefit Concert to benefit LINKS program

A Community Benefit Concert on Friday, January 23, benefited the Lake Washington School District’s Looking Into the Needs of Kids and Schools (LINKS) program. The LINKS program, with funding from the Lake Washington Schools Foundation, recruits and places community volunteers in LWSD schools. These volunteers serve in one of four ways: mentoring programs, classroom help, tutoring, or the lunch buddy program. 

Performers included fourth and fifth grade students from Horace Mann Elementary, a Redmond High School vocal quartet, and a tribute to Oasis band led by Mann Elementary music teacher Jimmy Cho. The concert was held at the Redmond High School Performing Arts Center, and was student and volunteer-led.

In previous years, the Community Benefit concert proceeds went to other groups in need. In 2013, the funds were donated to the Lake Washington Schools Foundation. Last year, the funds went to the Red Cross Philippine Tsunami Relief Fund.

Photo: Horace Mann Elementary music teacher Jimmy Cho led his tribute to Oasis band at the Community Benefit Concert.

February 12, 2015 09:46 AM
Kirkland Middle School students present service projects

Another semester of service projects have come and gone in Sara Ward’s Leadership class at Kirkland Middle School. Last semester’s service projects ranged from helping the school to helping the community. From the very beginning, students worked extremely hard trying to make Kirkland a better place. Students were given the choice to work in groups or as individuals. They worked for 12 weeks in class, within the school, and within the community. 

Students completed a variety of projects, such as creating care packages for veterans, increasing school spirit, helping the homeless, and ensuring that the school does the correct thing with recycle, compost, and trash.

The goal of having students complete service projects is three-fold: to support the Kirkland community, to help students appreciate what they have, and to have students experience serving others. On January 8, students had a celebration fair to show their progress and to share their projects with others.

Photo: Sarah Petrov, a seventh grader at KiMS, presents her project “Going Greener: How can I reduce the amount of trash / litter at KiMS?” during the community service projects celebration fair on January 8.

February 11, 2015 10:34 AM
Can a first grader program a robot to do the hokey pokey?
Yes! Pacific Science Center’s Mobile Engineering program visited Rose Hill Elementary last week to enrich science learning for first and second graders. One of the challenges set for the students was to make a small robot do the hokey pokey, and they succeeded. Other students created building structures to test for stability in a simulated earthquake. Watch the video to learn more.


February 05, 2015 08:11 AM
Six high school students selected as candidates for U.S. Presidential Scholars Program

Cheng Shan (Eastlake High School), Mia Richards (International Community School), Andrew Chronister (Nikola Tesla STEM High School), Christopher Yu (Nikola Tesla STEM High School), Lila Balakrishnan (Redmond High School), and Oleksandra Ianchenko (Redmond High School) have been selected as candidates for the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program. Seventy-two students from around the state are candidates. These students will now complete applications for the chance to become Presidential Scholars. Each year, up to 141 students nationally are named as Presidential Scholars, one of the nation's highest honors for high school students. The U.S. Presidential Scholars Program was established in 1964 by executive order of the President, to recognize and honor some of our nation's most distinguished graduating high school seniors. In 1979, the program was extended to recognize students who demonstrate exceptional talent in the visual, creative, and performing arts. Read more.

January 30, 2015 01:27 PM
Redmond Middle School Math Team finds success at local tournaments

Redmond Middle School math team students excelled at the AMC8 tournament held in November 2014. Out of 54 students that participated, 20 students were placed on the Honor Roll (top 5% in nation) with eight of those students placed in the Distinction Roll (top 1% in nation). In addition, five of the 14 sixth grade students who took the test placed on the Achievement Roll. Here are the notable performers:

Gold Medal and Distinction Roll Winners:
(see photo, left to right)

  • Daniel Sun (sixth grade, Redmond)
  • Darren Denq (seventh grade, Sammamish)
  • Matthew He (eighth grade, Sammamish)

Silver Medal and Honor Roll Winners:

  • Maxwell Wang (seventh grade, Sammamish)
  • Mukil Shanmugam (seventh grade, Sammamish)
  • Ananya Jain (seventh grade, Sammamish)
  • Sashwatha Shankar (eighth grade, Redmond)
  • Rene Yu (eighth grade, Redmond)

Bronze Medal Winners:

  • Arushi Aggarwal (eighth grade, Redmond)
  • Abhignya Mantha (seventh grade, Redmond)
  • Arnav Narula (sixth grade, Redmond)

Honor Roll Winners:

  • Adarsh Mulupuru (seventh grade, Sammamish)
  • Pranav Vaid (eighth grade, Sammamish)
  • Kenneth Ma (eighth grade, Redmond)
  • Grace Kim (eighth grade, Redmond)
  • Kavi Singh (seventh grade, Redmond)
  • Ashley Luty (seventh grade, Redmond)
  • Zizheng Cheng (eighth grade, Redmond)
  • Meghna Shankar (eighth grade, Redmond)
  • Betty Park (eighth grade, Sammamish)
  • Sethu Thirumal (eighth grade, Sammamish)
  • Anika Ghelani (seventh grade, Redmond)

Sixth Grade Achievement Roll Winners:

  • Daniel Sun (sixth grade, Redmond)
  • Arnav Narula (sixth grade, Redmond)
  • Andrew Chen (sixth grade, Redmond)
  • Kaushik Komandur (sixth grade, Redmond)
  • Raghav Narula (sixth grade, Redmond)

The RMS math club also participated in the Knights of Pi tournament at Newport High School on December 20 and performed well in their respective grade levels. Several students won individual awards and one sixth grade team won a team award. Here are our notable performers:

Individual standings:

  • Raghav Narula (sixth grade, Redmond) – sixth place
  • Kavi Singh (seventh grade, Redmond) – sixth place
  • Arnav Narula (sixth grade, Redmond) – seventh place
  • Darren Denq (seventh grade, Sammamish) – ninth place
  • Arushi Aggarwal (eighth grade, Redmond) – tenth place

Team standings: sixth grade team – third place:

  • Raghav Narula (sixth grade, Redmond)
  • Arnav Narula (sixth grade, Redmond)
  • Siddhartha Yalamanchili (sixth grade, Redmond)
  • Nagarjuna Yalamanchili (sixth grade, Redmond)

January 29, 2015 02:17 PM
RHS athletic director honored as Sea-King District 2 Athletic Director of the Year

Redmond High School’s athletic director, John Appelgate, has been named the Sea-King District 2 Athletic Director of the Year after being named the KingCo Athletic Director (AD) of the year in December. 

“John is a great representative of your school in the Kingco League and in the Sea-King District,” said Tom Doyle, Sea-King District 2 Director. “He stands for community and sportsmanship and provides outstanding leadership in the Kingco League. John is well-respected by his peers and demonstrates a willingness to take on the difficult tasks and provide creative solutions. He proficiently mediates issues that arise between schools and manages to refocus everyone on what is best for kids. He definitely is a credit to Redmond High School and your school Mission. Thanks for sharing him with us!”

John will be honored at the Washington Secondary School Athletic Administrators Association (WSSAAA) Conference the last week of April. He will be introduced along with the AD of the Year from the other eight WIAA Districts. Then, one of the nine individuals will be selected as the WSSAAA Athletic Director of the Year.

January 28, 2015 01:37 PM
Sandburg Elementary named project of the month by Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce
Carl Sandburg Elementary / Discovery Community School in Kirkland has been named Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce’s project of the month. Read more.

January 28, 2015 10:02 AM
Lake Washington School District well-represented at DECA Area 3 Competition

Lake Washington School District was well represented at Washington DECA’s Area 3 Competition on Thursday, January 8, at Meydenbauer Center. Students competed against 1,400 students from the Lake Washington, Northshore, Mercer Island, and Riverview School Districts, and Eastside Catholic. Students from Eastlake High School (EHS), Juanita High School (JHS), Lake Washington High School (LWHS), and Redmond High School (RHS) participated in the event. The following students will advance to the state level competition March 5-7 in Bellevue, WA, where they will compete against 3,600 students from across the state on their quest for a spot at the International Career Development Conference to be held in Orlando, FL in May.

Eastlake High School:

  • Jack Ryan (junior, Sammamish) – first place test, Human Resource Management
  • Vibha Vadlamani (junior, Sammamish) – first place, Automotive Services Marketing
  • Nic Musolino (senior, Sammamish) – second place, Retail Merchandising
  • Rickard Stureborg (sophomore, Sammamish) – third place, Marketing Management
  • Shamile Aldossary (sophomore, Sammamish) – fourth place, Marketing Management
  • Amina Elkholy (senior, Sammamish) – fourth place, Human Resource Management
  • Isabella Viotto (sophomore, Sammamish) – fourth place, Retail Merchandising
  • Pei Lee Yap (junior, Sammamish) – fifth place, Food Services Marketing
  • Allison Bennett (sophomore, Sammamish) and Heather Firestone (sophomore, Redmond) – sixth place, Marketing Communications Team
  • Laura Brockway (junior, Sammamish) and Kaitlyn Cameron (junior, Sammamish) – sixth place, Buying and Merchandising Team
  • Natalie Ross (senior, Sammamish) – sixth place, Restaurant and Food Service
  • Amelia Johnson (junior, Sammamish) – seventh place, Human Resource Management
  • Killian Pache (sophomore, Redmond) – seventh place, Food Services Marketing
  • Melissa Radecke (senior, Sammamish) – eighth place, Food Services Marketing
  • Ellie Viotto (junior, Sammamish) – eighth place, Retail Merchandising
  • Spencer Bennett (junior, Sammamish) – ninth place, Food Services Marketing
  • Radhika Kuchibhatla (junior, Sammamish) – ninth place, Human Resource Management

Juanita High School:

  • Lauren Friend (senior, Kirkland) – third place, Apparel & Accessories Marketing
  • Adrian Goodwin (sophomore, Kirkland) – third place, Sports & Entertainment Team 
  • Thomas Mikkelson (junior, Kirkland) – third place, Sports & Entertainment Marketing Team
  • Asya Shneerson (freshman, Redmond) – third place, Role Play – Business Finance
  • Madison Goodwin (junior, Kirkland) – sixth place, Fashion Merchandising Plan
  • Chase Peltz – sixth place, Advertising Campaign Plan
  • Jim Popolow (junior, Kirkland) – sixth place, Advertising Campaign Plan
  • Carly Taylor (junior, Kirkland) – sixth place, Entrepreneurship Participating Plan
  • My Lien Truong (junior, Kirkland) – sixth place, Fashion Merchandising Plan
  • Teva Groulx (freshman, Kirkland) – seventh place, Fashion Merchandising Plan
  • Christine Shull (freshman, Kirkland) – seventh place, Fashion Merchandising Plan
  • Tyra Vacknitz (freshman, Kirkland) – seventh place, Fashion Merchandising Plan
  • James Leuthold (sophomore, Kirkland) – eighth place, Financial Services Team
  • Shayan Nathan (sophomore, Kirkland) – eighth place, Financial Services Team

Students submitting a manual for State Competition:

  • Anna Ellefsen (junior, Kirkland) and Emi Bellwood (junior, Kirkland) – Learn & Earn Project
  • Rebecca Liu (junior, Redmond), Chase Peltz (junior, Kirkland), and Hannah Johansson (junior, Kirkland) – Community Service Project
  • Dante Ludlow (sophomore, Kirkland) – Sports & Entertainment Operations Research Event

Lake Washington High School:

  • Andrew Allen (senior, Kirkland) – fifth place, Financial Services Team Decision Making
  • Brooks Klinker (senior, Kirkland) – fifth place, Financial Services Team Decision Making 
  • Arman Talkar (junior, Bellevue) – eighth place, Human Resources Individual

Redmond High School:

  • Keaton Averman (senior, Redmond) – first place, Marketing Management
  • Anthony Krichevskiy (senior, Redmond) – second place, Business Services
  • Poornima Dani (senior, Redmond) – third place, Hotel & Lodging
  • Shloak Jain (sophomore, Redmond) – third place, Business Finance
  • Danika Shtukin (senior, Redmond) – third place, Restaurant & Food Services
  • Anastasia Veryovka (senior, Redmond) – third place, Retail Merchandising
  • Shannon Lee (senior, Redmond) and Rabail Sajjad (senior, Redmond) – third place, Marketing Communications Team
  • Will Johnson (junior, Woodinville) and Leo Simernitski (junior, Redmond) – fourth place, Travel & Tourism Team
  • Mahre Connor (senior, Redmond) – fifth place, Apparel & Accessories
  • Megan McBride (senior, Redmond) and Emily Jenks (senior, Woodinville) – fifth place, Buying & Merchandising Team
  • Petar Vrcelj-Nikolic (junior, Redmond) – fifth place, Automotive Services
  • Rand Ferch (sophomore, Redmond) – sixth place, Business Services
  • Willy Rayl (senior, Woodinville) – sixth place, Business Finance
  • Mia Rudd (senior, Woodinville) – sixth place, Apparel & Accessories
  • Richard Zhang (junior, Redmond) – sixth place, Marketing Management
  • Tierra Wilson (sophomore, Redmond) and Amelia Ngouogn (sophomore, Redmond) – seventh place, Buying & Merchandising Team
  • Matthew Brady (junior, Woodinville) and Griffin Prock (junior, Redmond) – seventh place, Sports & Entertainment Team
  • Alexander Drake (senior, Redmond) and Torin Sundberg (senior, Redmond) – ninth place, Buying & Merchandising Team
  • Brenda Hernandez-Gonzalez (senior, Redmond) – ninth place, Automotive Services Marketing

January 27, 2015 10:13 AM
An “egg-citing” event at Blackwell Elementary

On January 15, a crew of fire fighters from Eastside Fire & Rescue visited Blackwell Elementary to help fifth grade students complete an egg-drop experiment as part of a classroom science lesson. This activity tested students’ hypotheses concerning the best way to keep eggs from cracking when dropped. Fifth-grade teacher Nicole Weible was loaded into the basket and raised 40-50 feet into the air, where she and a fire fighter from Eastside Fire & Rescue dropped various contraptions filled with eggs to the ground below. Watch the video to see how well the students’ contraptions held up.

January 26, 2015 04:10 PM
Rose Hill Elementary School student honored by Redmond Fire Department

In April 2014, Danci Underwood, then a second grader at Rose Hill Elementary, acted quickly in responding to her father’s medical emergency by calling 911. The 911 dispatcher was able to walk her through the process of hands-only CPR while they waited for the first responders to arrive. That CPR is credited with saving her father’s life. On Friday, January 23, Danci was honored by the Redmond Fire Department at a school assembly. Members of the Redmond Fire Department and the 911 dispatcher were on hand to celebrate Danci’s quick-thinking and heroism in calling 911 and following instructions until emergency responders arrived. In April of this year, Danci will be honored by the Red Cross as a “2015 Red Cross Hero” for the youth division for her act of heroism. Congratulations, Danci!


January 22, 2015 10:20 AM
The Seattle Opera comes to Blackwell Elementary
The Seattle Opera comes to Blackwell Elementary tomorrow! The Seattle Opera, as part of their “Opera Goes to School” program, will put on an assembly at Blackwell Elementary tomorrow, January 23. Students in the Blackwell choir have been training with members of the Seattle Opera to prepare for their own part in the performance.

January 16, 2015 04:23 PM
LWHS students win LWSD Culinary Competition for second year in a row
For the second year in a row, Lake Washington High School students Sarah Rose Shuer and Hugo Pontes have won the LWSD Culinary Competition, held on Saturday, January 10. Two schools were represented at the event: Emerson High School and Lake Washington High School, with a total of three teams competing. A Kamiakin Middle School team was also present at the event and made a soup. For the competition, students used a set of ingredients to make an entrée that included a starch, vegetable, and protein. They then had 90 minutes to make two plates. Sarah Rose and Hugo made fried chicken with spinach and arugula risotto with roasted cauliflower and fried leeks. The teams were judged on teamwork, sanitation, knife skills, proper cooking technique, and overall flavor and appearance of their food.

January 12, 2015 01:48 PM
Speech and Debate Clubs bring home individual awards

The Eastlake High School (EHS) and Redmond High School (RHS) Speech and Debate Clubs have completed the first half of their competition schedule this fall. Here are some of the individual awards they have won:

Bear Creek School tournament October 24-25:

  • Alex Ianchenko (RHS, senior, Redmond) won Best Speaker
  • Anders Barzdukas (EHS, junior, Redmond), first place, Novice Oratory
  • Akanksha Bawa (EHS, senior, Sammamish) and Katie Vasquez (EHS, junior, Sammamish), third place, Open Public Forum

Cedar Park Christian School tournament November 7-8:

  • Casey Mauck (EHS, freshman, Redmond), second place, Novice Impromptu 
  • Casey Mauck (EHS, freshman, Redmond), second place, Novice Public Forum
  • Akanksha Bawa (EHS, senior, Sammamish) and Katie Vasquez (EHS, junior, Sammamish), second place, Open Public Forum
  • Anders Barzdukas (EHS, junior, Redmond), second place, Oratory 
  • Amelia Njimoluh (RHS, sophomore, Redmond), second place, Lincoln-Douglas
  • Khushi Chaudhari (RHS, freshman, Redmond) and Rishma Murugan (RHS, freshman, Sammamish), second place, Public Forum
  • Odin Vodruska (EHS, freshman, Sammamish), third place, Novice Impromptu
  • Sydney Flynn (EHS, junior, Redmond) and Jaserah Hannan (EHS, junior, Sammamish), finalists, Open Public Forum
  • Elle Viotto (EHS, junior, Sammamish) and Isabella Viotto (EHS, sophomore, Sammamish), finalists, Open Oratory

Snhomish High School tournament - November 14-15:

  • Andrew Luo (RHS, senior, Redmond), finalist, Lincoln-Douglas
  • Lucy Jiang (RHS freshman, Sammamish), finalist, oratory
  • Nicco Lamanna (RHS, junior, Woodinville) quarter-finalist, Lincoln-Douglas

Tahoma Tournament November 21-22:

  • Othman Erekaini (RHS, senior, Redmond), Qualified for state in Congress 
  • Ryan Bruntz (RHS, junior, Redmond), Top Speaker Award

Auburn-Riverside Tournament December 12-13:

  • Casey Mauk (EHS, freshman, Redmond), first place, Novice SPAR
  • Jennifer Linnenkamp (EHS, sophomore), third place, Novice Impromptu
  • Townsend Rowland (EHS, freshman, Sammamish), fifth place, Open Impromptu
  • Riya Thomas (RHS, freshman, Redmond) and Ianna Zhu (RHS, freshman, Redmond), third place, Novice Public Forum
  • Keenan Ganz (RHS, freshman, Woodinville) made the finals for Novice Congress

Photo: RHS Speech and Debate team at a recent event.

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