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Bonds to reduce overcrowding and enhance student learning environments

Approved and funded - thank you community!
The April 2016 Bond measure passed with 66.28% voting to approve the measure.
King County Elections certified the final results for Lake Washington School District’s  Proposition 1, Bonds to Relieve Overcrowding and Enhance Learning Environments, on Friday, May 6. The measure passed with 66.28% voting to approve the measure. The measure needed a supermajority of 60% to pass. With certification of the measure, the district is moving forward with the projects funded by it.

“We are truly grateful for the support for education from our communities,” said Dr. Traci Pierce, superintendent. “It has been a true community effort. I want to recognize the efforts of the Lake Washington Citizens Levy Committee, a group of parents, staff and community members who have worked tirelessly on behalf of students and this measure. They are amazing advocates for students, families and our community.”

“In addition, many community leaders, elected officials from both parties, citizens, businesses, organizations, staff members, parents, family members and students supported the measure. I cannot thank everyone enough for their efforts on behalf of our students. Now we can start to move forward to address overcrowding and improve our schools.”

For more information on the school building projects funded by this bond measure, go to the 2016 Bond Building Projects web page.

Over 3,000 more students in the last five years.
What would the April 26 bond measure do to help? This video provides the basics.
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We're Growing!

  • In one year, Lake Washington School District has grown from the sixth largest district in the state to the fourth largest.
  • In the last five years, enrollment has grown by 3240 students. That's equal to five elementary schools.
  • By 2020-21, five years from now, we expect to have over 30,000 students.

The bond measure includes:

  • two new elementary schools
  • one new middle school
  • rebuild and enlarge Juanita High School
  • rebuild and enlarge Kirk Elementary School
  • rebuild and enlarge Mead Elementary School
  • remodel Old Redmond School House for preschool
  • replace portables at Explorer Community School
  • other capital projects to provide special education program space and to address Title IX and Americans with Disability Act facility compliance

What it would do:

  • address the district's most urgent needs
  • address overcrowding and aging facilities
  • reduce the district's reliance on portable classrooms. By September 2016, there will be 168 portables, or 14% of all classrooms. That's equal to seven elementary schools!
How we would build:
These schools would be built using specific cost-effective design principles and planning recommended by a parent/community task force.
What it would cost:
The $398 million bond measure would maintain the 2015 tax rate. The district is paying off past bonds and construction levies. As those items are paid off, these bonds would replace the items that have been repaid.
This measure is part of a long-term plan to meet the district's housing needs through 2029-30, developed by the Long-Term Facilities Planning Task Force. Three subsequent bond measures will meet the longer-term needs of the district. The subsequent measures would also maintain the 2015 tax rate.
When is the vote:
Ballots will be due April 26.
More information and details are available in the other pages in this section. To get answers to your questions on this measure, go to the Let's Talk page to submit your question.
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Let's Talk! Click here to ask questions about the proposed 2016 bond measure.


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