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Design and Construction

The Long-Term Facilities Task Force made a number of recommendations to create and build quality school designs that reduce costs and improve the educational experience, without compromising quality. The district is acting on these recommendations as it develops plans for the 2016 bond measure projects.

Cost-effective design principles
Task Force recommendations that will help the district meet that challenge include:

  • Using design pre-work to improve design concepts and lower costs. 
  • Exploring best practices in school design and lean building principles.
  • Continuing to learn from other school districts that have had success with cost-effective design.
  • Convening a small expert advisory group to review design and construction of funded projects.

The Task Force developed a specific set of design principles to ensure that projects are as cost-effective as possible without sacrificing quality or square footage per student, shown in this chart.

Design principle Description

Stacking buildings

​Eliminate or minimize one-story designs

Change designs to increase number of stories

Efficient and simple design

​Buildings designed in more compact manner, i.e., box/cube shape

Utilize quality systems, i.e., mechanical, lighting, controls, that are simple to use and maintain


​ Emphasis on aesthetics that are pleasing and fit with neighborhood context, but not on design awards


​Clear standards for design teams to ensure commonality in construction documents and building/system solutions

​Accountability of design teams

​ System of accountability for design teams with respect to district standards, short-term/long-term value and educational goals


​Re-using portions of designs or design concepts across projects

​Grouping multiple projects to the extent possible

​Consider combining projects together using same design team and / or contractor


Estimated construction costs
The following chart shows the estimated project costs for the 2016 bond measure. Costs are estimated in 2016 dollars.  Expected inflation over the length of each project has been calculated and included as projected inflation. 

​Project ​Square Footage ​Construction Cost ​$/SF in 2016 Dollars ​Non Construction Costs ​Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment ​Sales Tax ​Projected Inflation ​Total Project Costs
​Juanita HS 217,000 ​$82,460,000 ​$380 ​$22,636,000 $8,658,000 $8,246,000 $23,477,000​ ​$145,477,000
New MS​ 134,000 ​$47,570,000 ​$355 ​$13,058,000 ​$4,995,000 ​$4,757,000 ​$7,212,000 ​$77,592,000
​Kirk ES 78,000 $​26,520,000 ​$340 ​$7,279,000 ​$2,785,000 ​$2,652,000 ​$5,751,000 ​$44,987,000
​Mead ES 78,000 ​$​26,520,000 ​$340 ​$7,279,000 ​$2,785,000 ​$2,652,000 ​$5,751,000 ​​$44,987,000
​New ES 78,000 ​$​26,520,000 ​$340 ​$7,279,000 ​$2,785,000 ​$2,652,000 ​$4,021,000 ​$43,257,000
​New ES ​78,000 ​$​26,520,000 ​$340 ​$7,279,000 ​$2,785,000 ​$2,652,000 ​$4,021,000 ​​$43,257,000
​Old Redmond Schoolhouse ​40,000 ​$4,805,000 ​$120 ​$1,318,000 ​$505,000 ​$481,000 ​$728,000 ​$7,837,000
​Explorer ​3,600 ​$1,020,000 ​$283 ​$280,000 ​$107,000 ​$102,000 ​$155,000 ​$1,664,000
Other capital projects to provide spaces for special education programs, address Title IX and/or ADA facility compliance and program contingency
​TOTAL ​$429,000,000

Project Funding Sources

Estimated Project Costs ​$429,000,000
Estimated Funding Sources
​School Construction Funding Assistance ​$21,000,000
​School Impact Fees ​$10,000,000
​Bond Measure ​$398,000,000

Comparison to projects in other school districts
Every school project is different, depending on the specific site, the educational specifications for the school, technology built into the school and more. The charts below show the costs of schools being built by other Puget Sound area districts similar to ours, based on the construction contract. For comparison purposes, the cost per square foot in 2016 dollars has been calculated.

Elementary School Project Cost Comparisons






Middle School Project Cost Comparisons






High School Project Cost Comparisons 

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