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Volunteer Your Time
Share your talents, gain experience, and inspire a child


All volunteers must apply and be approved before they can begin their volunteer service.
To see if your volunteer application is still current, contact the volunteer office at (425) 936-1270 or email, or contact the school where you volunteer.

Volunteers play an important role supporting student learning in Lake Washington School District (LWSD). Currently, LWSD has over 14,000 approved volunteers. These volunteers are parents, relatives, community members, and students, who are committed to helping students be successful. There are ways volunteers enrich a student's learning opportunities in the classrooms, in the schools, and on field trips.

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers can help in the following school locations:

  • Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Health room
  • Library

Volunteers can help with the following types of activities:

  • Classroom activities
  • Special school events or projects
  • Art Docent program
  • Parties
  • Dances
  • After school programs
  • Sports

Volunteers over the age of 21 can go on field trips as chaperones.

Each school also has a PTSA or parent organization that uses volunteers for its programs. Contact your school's PTSA or parent organization for more information.

Looking for specific volunteer opportunities?
If you are a community member looking for a volunteer opportunity in our schools, you may be interested in our LINKS program. LINKS stands for Looking Into the Needs of Kids and Schools. LINKS is always looking for volunteers to serve as tutors, mentors, classroom helpers, health room volunteers, and lunch buddies. For more information, please visit the LINKS website.

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