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LINKS - Looking Into the Needs of Kids and Schools
A Volunteer and Mentoring Program of the Lake Washington School District
Become an Academic Mentor, Tutor, Lunch Buddy, or Classroom Helper
See below for a description of each type of volunteer.

What is LINKS?
LINKS (Looking Into the Needs of Kids and Schools) is a program of the Lake Washington School District (LWSD), with funding provided by the Lake Washington Schools Foundation. LINKS recruits and places community volunteers in LWSD schools, including those in the Kirkland, Redmond and Sammamish communities.

What type of volunteering can I do?
LINKS volunteers spend one hour per week in the classroom as mentors, tutors and classroom helpers. Volunteers are placed based on the needs of the schools in the district and the interests of the LINKS volunteers.

LINKS Volunteers allow students to feel engaged, supported, and challenged. Volunteers come from all backgrounds and include business people, parents, retirees, and students. As a LINKS volunteer, you can support academic achievement, give confidence to students in developing relationships with others and help students acquire the skills needed for lifelong success.

What is Mentoring?
Mentoring is a structured and trusting relationship that brings students together with caring adults. Mentors come during school hours and provide academic support, as well as engage in developing a relationship of emotional support for the student. Studies have shown that children with mentors are more likely to succeed. Mentors may provide academic tutoring in addition to fun and educational activities during their time with the student. Some mentors are Lunch Buddies, spending their time with a student during the lunch hour.

LINKS mentors are carefully matched with students based on the needs of the student, and the interests of the mentor.

What is a Classroom Helper?
Classroom volunteers work primarily in one classroom, helping a variety of students each week. Opportunities are available in all grade levels and subject areas with a focus on reading, math and writing. Volunteers work closely with school staff to determine how their personal strengths can best be utilized in the classroom to benefit students.

What is a Tutor?
Tutoring is providing academic support to a student or a group of students, focusing on a specific subject of study.

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