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LINKS - Lunch Buddies
You have the opportunity to be a hero to a student every day!



What are the benefits to mentors?

One hour of a mentor’s time each week pays dividends for lunch buddies for years to come.

Mentors have the opportunity to:
  • Share valuable life and educational experiences with their buddy.
  • Share their talent for drawing, jewelry making, playing chess, or any other fortes they may have.
  • Be responsible for a student saying “I can.”
  • Be a positive role model
  • Learn more about the challenges facing today’s schools and students, and celebrate their successes.

What are the benefits to students?

Mentored students are more likely to:

  • Have higher GPAs
  • Go to college
  • Have positive relationships with parents and peers, and
  • Have a better attitude toward school, family, and careers.

Mentored students are more likely to say:

  • “I can do well in school” rather than “Why bother?”
  • “I can say no to drugs” rather than “everyone else is doing it, so I guess I will too.”
  • “I can go to college” rather than “College isn’t for students like me.”
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